Slot Tournaments at Club USA Casino

There is no better way to ramp up the fun and excitement on Slot Games than to play them in a tournament setting, and Club USA always has a collection of hot tournaments ready to play!

Playing at the Club

If you are new to tournament play, you are in for a huge treat. Tournaments have all the fun and excitement of your favorite slot games, and they compound it by adding the element of competition with other players on the same game. Players still get all their normal winnings, but the tournaments also have a pot comprising the entry fees of the other players-the winner of the tournament often goes home with a very tidy sum.

It is easy to participate in the tournaments. Though many game at Club USA are available in a no-download format, in order to participate in tournaments players do need to download the small software package. Once signed in, at the bottom of the front page there is a large button labeled "Tournaments"-click on that, and you are on your way to tournament play!

Gaming the Tournament Way

There is a wide range of buy-in at Club USA, ranging from the free-roll tournaments which, as the name implies, is free, up to about $50 for the tournaments featuring the biggest payouts. Most, however, are in the $25 range, making them quite affordable. The casino features new tournaments daily, so once you get a taste for this kind of casino action, you will always be able to get your fix!

Club USA rotates some of their hottest and most exciting slot games through tournament duty, so you will often find one of your very favorite games featured. Additionally, if you are looking for a new game to try, check it out during a tournament-there is no better reason to try out a new game than during tournament game.

Tournament Rules

Scheduling is very important for tournaments, and you will need to be very aware of the start and the stop times for tournaments. They always start and end on time-you can start late, but you may undermine your chances of winning if you do, so don't. More importantly, if you have that perfect jackpot spin in action when the tournament ends, it doesn't matter-you don't get to count it. The last completed spin at the moment that the tournament ends is the last one that counts.

Remember, you have to provide your own stake. The tournament prize and buy-in do not contribute to your play money at all. The tournaments usually run for half an hour, so it is not a huge commitment, but be prepared to have your play account funded for a full half hour of play.

Hit the Club for a Tournament Tonight!

For slot players, seasoned or new, this is how it should be done. We love tournament play, and so will you. Head over to Club USA now and get the reels spinning on the next slot tournament, and you will never want to play slots any other way ever again!