Microgaming Now Has Exclusive License for Tarzan Online Slots Games

Slots players will be thrilled at the recent news about Microgaming. In the latest press release it was released that Microgaming now possesses the license and rights for the Tarzan™ name when used in online slots. This means only Microgaming can design and launch slots games featuring the famous jungle-dweller Tarzan.

About Tarzan

The agreement was signed between Microgaming and Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Tarzan is based on a book called Tarzan of the Apes written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and first published in 1912. Many people are not aware how long the hero Tarzan has been with us. Tarzan is loved by the public and featured in Broadway, television shows, movies, games, cartoons, comics and commercials. Up to 30 different actors have played the lead role of Tarzan.

Tarzan Online Slot

It is no surprise Microgaming has secured the rights to online slots games under the Tarzan™ brand with the high popularity of Tarzan. Microgaming is hopeful to launch a Tarzan online slot game featuring the public's favorite male who lives in the jungle. The Tarzan online slot will not only feature him, but also some of the other characters such as his companion Jane, and Archimedes, Jane's father. So far players can only see the game's logo, and there has been no information released on the number of reels, paylines or bonus features located in Tarzan slots. However, as soon as it is launched, players can expect to enjoy Tarzan™ Online Slot at their favorite Microgaming casinos.