Poke The Guy

Microgaming has released the latest slots game called Poke The Guy Slots. It has been dubbed as "silly fun" and the way the world is everyone needs more of that. Poke The Guy Slots is really like no other slots game. It has a Japanese anime cartoon style. The storyline surrounding this game involves the slot player being the superhero to deal with The Guy who is supposed to be a giant bad guy. He is designed with a hairy chin and a hairy mustache and has a silly laugh. The Guy is bent on going around the city causing pranks and mischief, and it is your job to take him down - especially for his silly laugh when you miss hitting him.

Overview of Poke The Guy

Microgaming's Poke The Guy has bright colors and symbols which are the most unusual weapons such as a piranha and a rubber duck. There might even be poop to throw but players will have to discover this one. The bonus game involves a giant electric slingshot and you can sling your weapons at the guy as he flies around destroying city buildings. If you have a good aim and manage to hit him, there is up to 500x waiting for you as a reward. Many players are already looking forward to seeing the new level of silly fun that Poke The Fun contains. You can play this new slot at participating Quickfire and Microgaming casinos.