Ninja Star Slots

Ninja Star Slots
Ninja Star from RealTime Gaming (RTG) is set in the mystical and mythical world of the Ninja, the shadow warriors of ancient Japan. This is a bold new variant on the “riches of the East” theme, and we have not seen many, if any, other games with a ninja theme. As we have come to expect from RTG, the game is beautifully rendered and play is completely intuitive, easy, and natural for experienced players and for novices alike.

Accoutrements of the Ninja

The Ninja warriors are reputed to have kept on their persons a large number of concealed gadgetry suitable for immobilizing and dispatching their foes and for making themselves undetectable, and much of it is used as symbols in Ninja Star. The 5 reels and 25 paylines make use of a wide variety of images. At the low end players will find playing card indexes ranging from 9 through Ace. The higher level symbols include the Dojo, the Ninja, the Ninja Star, the Ninja Star Game Logo, and the Nunchucks. Playing all lines, the max bet on this rough-and-tumble game is $125, but all lines may be played for as little as 25¢ giving it accessibility to a wide range of players.

Progressive Pots

Players of progressive games may be lured by the two progressive jackpots on Ninja Star, but they may also find themselves a bit disappointed at their size, the larger one often holding at less than $1000. Despite this, however, they hit much more frequently than usual, keeping the energy and the excitement high.

The Secrets of the Ninja Scroll

The bonus feature is called the Ninja Scroll, and it is triggered by 3 or more of the Ninja Star Game Logos lined up left to right on any active payline. This bonus round is beautifully made, and it awards prizes that are multiplied by the number of coinciding Logo triggers. This can make the winnings rack up really fast.

Play With the Ninja Tonight!

We fell in love with Ninja Star immediately. It is a great looking game with plenty of graphics and animations. The game, however, does not sacrifice anything to that, however, as it is still a serious player’s style of slot game. The bonus round is really fun, but simple enough that it does not interfere with play at all. We highly recommend that you put on your favorite black pajamas, settle into your comfiest chair, and play Ninja Star Slots tonight! It is a beauty.