Legend of the Nile Slots

To say that Egypt and everything Eygpt related is a popular theme for slots games is an understatement. Betsoft Gaming has thrown another hat into the ring and added a new slots game called Legend of the Nile Slots. Even though Eygpt is a common theme, players will realize they have not played a slots game like Legend of the Nile before based on the game's design. This slots game was released for the Betsoft Shift platform, and it features the Egyptian gods. Casino players can enjoy this game using software such as HTML5 on the desktop, Android, WinPhone, and iOS.

How To Play

When the Legend of the Nile Slots loads up, slot players will see the background for this game is the Egyptian Pyramids. The pyramids, the Sphinx and plenty of vegetation are located behind the reels. You can adjust game play using the buttons. Players can choose a coin or adjust the bet level. They might even prefer to use Max Bet to wager the highest. This Betsoft slots also has a Spin/Skip button to go to the next spin. There are also other selections such as Double Up and Auto Play. To the left of the reels is the power bar/feature meter. Players will see the symbols drop from the sky and create dust. Winning combinations will explode and new symbols will drop down to fill in the spaces.

There are six rows and six reels in Legend of the Nile slots. Instead of paylines, there are cluster pays in this game with up to 5 bet levels. The coin wagers begin at $0.02 and go to $1. The game accepts up to 150 credits. The symbols are indeed Egyptian theme and represent some of the ancient Egyptian gods. These symbols can be found hanging on a thin curtain. The Egyptian symbols include Ra, the Sun god, Anubis, the god who controls the underworld, and Isis, the goddess of the Egyptian heaven. Other symbols include the Pyramids, Pharaoh, Eye of Ra, the Ankh, falcon, lotus flower, river/water and the scarab beetle. The special symbols include the Pyramids as the wild symbols. There are they scatter symbols which trigger the bonus features which are the symbols of Ra, Anubis and Isis Egyptian gods.


As Legend of the Nile slots is a cluster pays slots game, players will be rewarded from four cluster symbols up to over 20 symbols. The water, lotus and falcon symbols are the standard symbols and provide a lower paying amount. The payouts for these standard symbols begins at 10 coins and goes to 450 coins. The Eye of Ra and the Ankh are considered the mid value symbols in Legend of the Nile Slots. Pays for the mid value symbols start at 20 coins and go up to 1500 coins. The high value symbols are the Pharaoh and scarab which range from 40 to 3000 coins. The scatter Egyptians gods Isis, Anubis and Ra do pay with four or more cluster symbols on the reels. Ra pays out 100 coins for 20 or more symbols. Anubis rewards with 5000 coins for 20+ symbols, and Isis also rewards with 5000 coins. However, the wild Pyramids are the top paying symbol for a fixed jackpot of 6,000 coins. There is a progressive jackpot which is located near the meter at the top left of the reels. This progressive jackpot is won when the Ra Bonus Feature is triggered.

Bonus Features

  • A top bonus features in Legend of the Nile Slots iis associated with Ra. The first feature is the Ra Power Bar and Free Spins Feature. Whenever there is a Ra symbol on the reels, it will join the power bar and advance it one step. However, the next spin will reset the Ra Power Bar. Receiving 8 Ra symbols will give 8 free spin games. Fifteen Ra symbols will give 15 free spins, but 17 symbols reward with a 400x win. Players can trigger the progressive jackpot with 20 Ra symbols. There are also multipliers during the Ra Power Bar and Free Spins Features. Additional free spins can be awarded during the initial free spins round.
  • The Anubis god symbol will activate the Anubis Trail feature, and subsequently the Anubis Free Spins feature. The Trail feature will start when one or more Anubis symbols show up on the reels. This will be added to the Anubis Trail, and this feature continues during spins until enough symbols are collected to start the Anubis Free Spins round. Ten free spin games are played. It is possible for the Ra Feature to be activated during the Anubis Free Spins Feature.
  • One of the special features in this game is activated by the Isis goddess symbol. She will be responsible for the Isis Trail feature. Every time there is a winning combination with Isis goddess symbols, the trail is advance one step forward. This feature will continue during subsequent spins until the Isis goddess Free Spins Feature is activated. Players will then receive 10 free spin games. The Ra Feature can become activated during the Isis goddess free spins.
  • There is a Double Up Feature in Legend of the Nile Slots. After a regular win, players will see the Double Up button below the reels light up. They will only have to press it to start the Double Up Feature which allows players to wager all of their previous win or 50%. Players will need to choose “Heads” or “Tails” and then a gold coin spins. They can indeed double the win if they choose correctly.
  • The Pyramids wild symbol will substitute for other symbols on the reels. This wild symbol will replace all symbols except the scatter symbols. As this is cluster pays, only the adjacent symbols will be substituted for.

Play The Legend of the Nile Slots

Players can see just by reading that this slots game is like no other. This is a 6x6 slots game with lots of multipliers, free spins and a progressive jackpot just waiting to be won when you play Legend of the Nile slots at Betsoft casinos.