Ogre Empire Slots

Ogre Empire is the latest slot from Betsoft Gaming and it is a fantasy theme game. Players will enjoy this magic slots with so many special symbols and bonus features. As you can imagine the main character is an Ogre, and he roams through the town during the day. The citizens of the town do not dare go outside during the day or they might be smashed by his club. When the ogre sleeps at night, the townspeople come awake to go about their lives making sure not to wake the ogre! This is the latest Slots3 game which is available on both desktop and mobile gameplay using Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS.

How To Play?

When Ogre Empire starts you will see a bright and colorful game with a lot going on. Behind the reels are blue skies, the houses in the town and a very big Ogre with sharp teeth. He is as tall as the buildings.

Below the reels is the game's dashboard. You will see "Line Bet" to increase or decrease the amount you would like to wager on the reels. There is the "Double Up" button and also "Autoplay" where you can choose to have the reels spin automatically up to 100 times. There is also the "Spin" button and the information and rules can be found. The current "Balance" is also available.

All About Ogre Empire

The facts show that Ogre Empire Slots allows wagers beginning at 0.01 and going up to 1 on the paylines. There are three rows and five reels in this game. You will have the chance to wager on 25 lines. The symbols in the game include the Ogre, the Ogre's Club, A, K, Q, J, Joker, King, Queen, mushroom, bowl of gems, stack of gold coins, WILD plant, Sun Bloom Wild Flower, Night Bloom Wild Flower, and diamond. The special symbols to watch are the plant which is the WILD symbol. The bloom flowers in day or night mode will also be wilds. The Joker symbol will become a wild symbol when it appears.

Bonus Features in Ogre Empire

Ogre Empire Slots has it all that slot players could want in terms of bonus features. Betsoft has not held anything back in this online slots game.

Players will discover there are two modes of features for this slot game - Day mode and Night mode.

Day Mode Features

During the Day mode, there is what you would expect with blue skies. The Sun will rise over the reels. However, the Moon symbol is to found on the third reel in this slot game when in Day mode.

After a winning combination in Day Mode, players may see the Ogre hit against the side of the reels and break the reels with his club during the Daytime Ogre Smash Feature. Any of these stone symbols will be crushed to pieces and fall off the reels. This is a good thing as the lower paying symbols are removed and a cascade of symbols will happen on the reels. These cascading reels will have a lot of potential for winning combinations.

During the Day, players can watch for the Sun Bloom Flower. When it appears on the reels, it will spread out and affect at least one to three of the other adjacent symbols. These adjacent symbols can become Wild.

Night Mode

During Night mode is the opposite with dark skies and the Moon rises, but the Sun symbol is found on the third reel.

There is also the Night Bloom Flower. When it appears, it does spread to the adjacent reels, but it will release spores into the air. These spores will land onto the adjacent one to three symbols and they will be converted to Wilds.

During the Night mode it is possible to see the playing card symbols A, K, and Q which are stones to be changed to the game's Joker, King, and Queen symbols respectively. It is also essential to watch when the A symbol becomes a Joker symbol during Night mode as it will turn Wild and ad a multiplier of 2x. This Joker wild will only be found on the second, third, and fourth reels. The more Joker symbols, the higher the multiplier. For example, one Joker is 2x, two Jokers are 4x, etc.

Wild Substitution

One of the features in this game is the substitution feature. This is made possible by the wild symbol which is the WILD plant symbol. This symbol will substitute for other symbols, but not the Sun, Moon or Wild symbols.

Double Up Feature

There is also a Double Up Feature in Ogre Empire Slots. This feature is possible after a winning spin activates the Double Up button. Slot players will have the choice between "Gamble 50%" or "Gamble All" in this slots game. You will only have to make a choice between "Heads" or "Tails" and if you guess correctly, then you winnings are double. The "Collect" button is there to get your winnings and exit this feature.


The payouts are from left to right on the reels. During the Day mode, you can receive x4 the total wager. However, in Night mode it is x6 the total wager.

The 5 kings will pay 1,000 coins. Five of the queen symbols will reward 750 coins. Players can expect the diamond to reward 400 coins, and 5 ogre symbols will payout 300 coins. The gems, gold coins, club, and mushroom symbols will pay from 200 coins to 100 coins. The playing card symbols from A to J will reward from 75 coins to 50 coins.

Players will notice that the highest win is with five of the wild symbols. However, during the Day mode, players will see five wilds payout the equivalent of 5 Diamonds (400 coins). In Night mode, when you receive 5 wilds, this will be equal to the payout for 5 Kings (1,000 coins).

Smash and Grab

Players should realize they can actually look forward to the Ogre Smash as it has the potential for additional wins. You can enjoy all that Ogre Empire Slots has to give at selected Betsoft casinos online.