Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

After the popularity of Sugar Pop Slots, it is no surprise that Betsoft Gaming has released the sequel to this game called Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. This is your chance to visit the magical, happy place of sweets and candies as you spin the reels. When you play Sugar Pop 2, it is perfect for those who want something sweet, but without the added calories. Players can enjoy these sweet treats without their waistlines increasing. Sugar Pop 2 was created for both mobile and desktop, and it is compatible with HTML5, Android, Windows, and iOS. It is the latest addition to the Betsoft Slots3 series.

How To Play

When the game begins, you will see the beautiful sweet world of mouth-warming candies and chocolates. There are blue skies, white cotton candy or candy floss clouds and hills made of ice cream. To the left of the reels is the Level Meter, and below the reels are the buttons on the dashboard to control and adjust your gameplay. The buttons to adjust include “Choose Coin” and “Bet Amount.” There is also a button to wager the maximum using “Max Bet” and a special “Double Up” button. The button for “Autoplay” will let you spin the reels from 5 up to 100 times.

There are seven reels and seven rows so this game is arranged in a 7x7 grid. It is a cluster pays game with players awarded wins depending on the number of symbols nearby. The RTP for the game is 96.42%, and the symbols on the reels are similar to what was in the original Sugar Pop Slots. Certain special symbols will not appear until players reach a certain level. The Level Meter will track your level score and game score which both increase with winning spins.

The symbols include candies and sweets of every different shape, size, color, and flavorful. You will think you have dropped into a candy store. There are seven candies to be found in base gameplay which are in the colors of red, yellow, green, pink, blue, orange, and rose pink. They are in the shapes of jawbreakers, hearts, triangles, squares, jelly bean, and hexagons. As the players go up the levels they will see gumdrops, lollipop, candy canes, fizzy pop candy, sweet hammer, morphing gold wild, caramel chew, and a jelly bean cannon. Other special symbols include the chocolate bomb, egg, wild, and the FS (Free Spins) candies.

Plenty of Special Bonus Features

Betsoft has added plenty of special bonus features to this upgrade from the original Sugar Pop Slots:
  • Cluster Wins: This is a special feature in which winning candy clusters of 4 of the same color will disintegrate or explode from the reels and will be replaced by other symbols. This will continue with candies dropping off the reels until there are no more winning combinations, and you can then spin the reels again.
  • Color Bomb: There is still the Color Bomb feature in Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. The feature is activated when at least five symbols of the same color clustered together will explode. Players can watch symbols of the same color explode off the reels regardless of where they are on the reels. Only up to a maximum of 20 symbols will be blown up during the color bomb. The minimum of four in a cluster will cause six symbols to explode. Six of the clusters will affect nine symbols, and seven clusters will produce a bomb that explodes 12 symbols, and so forth.The Color Bomb is great because it automatically gives a cash prize and fills the reels again with more symbols for another chance.
  • Free Spins and Wilds: Each of the FS or Free Spins symbols will help to activate the Free Spins Feature when there are four or more of them on the reels. Four FS symbols will trigger 5 free spins. Five FS symbols will give 7 free spins, so players can expect 14 FS symbols to award 25 free spins, and 25 FS symbols will give 27 free spins, etc. Therefore, with each additional free spin the cluster, there are two free spins awarded. Keep in mind that large clusters of 5 Candy Wild symbols can explode off the reels to leave a WILD symbol. The Wild symbol will take the shape of the nearby symbol to help increase the wins.
  • Double Up Feature: There is a Double Up Feature also in Sugar Pop 2. After a winning spin, the Double Up button will become active. You will just need to press it to risk the previous winnings from the last spin on the coin toss. You can wager all or 50% of the previous winnings.

Level Up

Unlike the previous game, the special symbols will only appear when players have level up or received enough points to enter another level. The Level Up Special Candies will enter inside of an egg, and the egg will crack open to reveal the surprise level symbol when they appear on the reels. The level up symbols are the Gumdrops (Level 1), the Caramel Chew (Level 5), Candy Cane (Level 9), Lollipop (Level 13), Fizzy Pop Candy (Level 17), Jelly Bean Cannon (Level 21), Morphing Gold Wild (Level 25), and the Sweet Hammer (Level 29). Some of these candies will have special features such as the Jelly Bean Cannon that will shoot out jelly beans, and these jelly beans will remove any symbols they land on. There is also the Morphing Gold Wild that will morph into the symbol next to it to increase wins. The Sweet Hammer at Level 29 will enter the reels with a blow and will hammer out any candies as it drops from the reels to be filled again with more symbols.

Enjoy the Sweetness

Sugar Pop 2 Slots has all of the sweetness of playing the original game, but with the addition of even sweeter bonus features. You can first try the demo or fun play version before you wager real money. Enjoy Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot at a participating online casino!