Total Overdrive Slots

Total Overdrive Slots

Total Overdrive Slots was announced as a new slots game from Betsoft Gaming with lots of fast paced game action. Players will see that this classic slots game has a lot to offer in terms of its progressive bonus features.

Developer and Other Releases

Total Overdrive Slots was released by Betsoft Gaming. This online game will join other Betsoft game titles such as Super Sweets, Dragon & Phoenix, Cashien's Arrival, Wolf Moon Rising, and Take The Bank slot games.

Fun Play Or Real Wagers

The gameplay for Total Overdrive is not difficult. However, anyone who wants to enjoy practice sessions can try the game in fun play or demo mode. The demo mode will only have fun playing credits and during the practice session players can visualize what the bonus features are all about. Yet, to win real money it is necessary to play for real money and will require a deposit into the casino and real money wagers.

Download or Use Instant Play

Two of the ways to try this game is by downloading the software or through instant play. Downloading does require you to only use the computer or laptop that the software is installed to. An alternative to this is to use instant play. With instant play Total Overdrive Slots, casino players will be able to log in and start playing without having to be concerned if the software is installed or not.

The Design of the Game

Players will notice that this is a classic slots. The reels load up to see that gameplay has been put into overdrive. Behind the reels is the city skyline and the game is designed with neon colors. The buttons to control gameplay are straightforward and easy for beginners to understand. There is the Information section with the Paytable. The Balance to play with is shown and the Bet amount may be adjusted by using the minus and plus signs. The autoplay function is to the right of the spin button.

Some Facts

The coin amounts for wagers start at $0.01 and rise to $10 as the max. There are three reels and 5 paylines to wager on.

Symbols include BARs(single, double, triple), bells, diamonds, triple sevens, single sevens, cherries, WILD, 10X, and more.

About the Payouts

The paytable shows that the payouts are from left to right. The triple sevens are the top pays with three of a kind giving 500 coins. Three of the single seven symbols will result in 200 coins. Other symbols such as cherries, diamonds, and bells will give 40, 30 and 20 coins, respectively. The BARs pay from 8 coins for three of the triple ones to 2 coins for a combination of any three of them. Keep in mind that these payouts are at maximum wager. Total Overdrive Slots is a non-progressive game so only the fixed jackpots and bonus feature wins are available.

The Overdrive Multiplier Feature

The main feature to watch for this the Overdrive Multiplier. This is up to a 10X multiplier that is worth receiving on the reels. This is a progressive multiplier which begins at 1x and increases with each spin of the reels for a higher multiplier for a winning spin. Therefore, the Overdrive Multiplier will increase with each winning spin and be reset when a spin of the reels does not yield a win. This will happen up to 10x.

Sticky Multiplier Feature

The Overdrive Multiplier can be converted into what is called the Sticky Multiplier in the game. The multiplier will stay 'stuck' for 8 spins of the reels. Once the hold is placed, the Sticky Multiplier will continue for these 8 spins even if there are no wins received. Each time one of the 8 spins happens, the bars of the hold meter will reduce by one until no more the 8 spins remain. It is possible to retrigger the Sticky Multiplier while the reels are stuck in position. This will max out the multiplier hold meter and send the game into Total Overdrive.

Get Wilds

Another special feature is the Wild symbol. This is the WILD which will be used as a substitute for other symbols in the game. The WILD actually can replace all of the other symbols. Slot players should also be aware that three of the wild symbols on the reels will result in a 50x win.

With a Mobile Tablet or Phone

It is also helpful to know that this online slots game has been optimized for mobile devices and cell phones. The game can be played using an iPhone, iPad, or an Android tablet or phone.

Go Into Overdrive

It is possible to now go into total overdrive and have it be a good thing. The game provides the chance for sticky multipliers to increase winnings with higher multipliers with every win. All of this is available when players try Total Overdrive Slots at a Betsoft casino.