Dragon’s Cave Slots

Dragon’s Cave Slots is the type of slot game that gets pretty much everything right. To start off, the look of the slot is superb. The wild warrior characters are memorable-both the heroic, muscular hero and the maiden. The beast in the center of the main screen is a big red dragon that is equally impressive and despite its relatively inferior size to the rest of the characters, it does take the center stage. The gameplay high point of the slot is the wild symbol of the game that has multiple effects: probably most of the earnings that players will acquire will be come through the wild. Apart from that you can be certain that the 5 reels and the 9 paylines of Dragon’s Cave Slots will provide plenty of other ways for you to earn in a big way and among them will be bonus games, various effects of different symbols and a Mystery Jackpot.

The Wildest Symbol Ever

The wild symbol here truly lives up to the name-it can come on the reels with various effects and all of them will greatly benefit the gambler’s total earnings. The first two effects are the “expanding” one and the “stacked one”. Players will receive an expanding wild and a stacked wild if they come across multiple Dragon’s Gem symbols. It is a special symbol which awards different prizes if you get different numbers of it. 3 gems on the reels equal 2 stacked wilds. 6 Dragon’s Gems will deliver 3 stacked wilds and if you get the amazing amount of 9 gems after a spin you will be rightfully awarded with an expanding wild. These two type of wilds can be used within the game’s free spin bonus. Furthermore, players will be able to enjoy the so-called “sticky” wilds. The sticky wilds can be summoned upon through the game’s scatter symbol. If you get two scatter symbols on the reels, you will get to see the red beast in action. It will spit fire on the screen and three of the symbols on the reels will turn into “sticky” wilds. That means these special wilds will stay at the same place for three consecutive spins following their initial appearance and that will probably lead to three spins worth of numerous winning combinations and earnings. By the way, there is one more thing-even with all those potential winning combinations which the sticky wilds will deliver, there is still the bonus detail that these earnings won during the three extra spins will be multiplied by three. The final kind of wild is the “walking” one. Players can receive it during free spins and when they do, the symbol will move to the left on the reel and the payout of the spin will also be granted a multiplier of three. And with that the mind-bogglingly profitable effects of the wild symbol come to a close.

Treasures Within the Cave

Three additional bonus games decorate this otherwise very colorful and exciting slot. The first one is obviously the free spins, which can be entered by gamblers through the gathering of scatter symbols. The so-called Treasure Chest symbol also works for the initiation of bonus rounds and if the gambler lands three of the chests one of two possible bonus levels will be stated. One of them is the Dragon’s Cave bonus, that involves the recovery of a treasure and the bonus will be over if the player accidentally awakens the dragon. The second extra round is the Sword bonus. In it, players will witness seven stones and each of them is safeguarding an award so you will have to lift the stones and get the goods. And of course, the desert of the game is the Mystery Progressive Jackpot. As soon as it reaches 10,000 dollars it will be randomly awarded to a person playing at that moment. Yeah, the player doesn’t really have a saying in whether the jackpot will go closer or farther away from him or her but at least it is certain-someone will get those 10,000 dollars and it might as well be you-all you can do is to keep enjoying yourself by playing this terrific game and at an instant it might become even better.