Alkemor's Tower Slots

Players should not be surprised to hear about the latest video slots game released by Betsoft. The slot game entitled Alkemor’s Tower is worth casino players taking advantage of it at their favorite casino.

About Alkemor’s Tower

The story behind the game is set in the wizard’s tower. As the wizard, players can find Alkemor standing near the reels as they spin. The symbols in the game will become animated when a win is awarded. It is essential to keep in mind the four elements at work in this video slot. These elements consist of air, fire, water and Earth, and they contribute to the wizard’s magic.

The New Alkemor’s Tower Video Slot is available for those players who enjoy wizardy and magic combined in a slots game. Players can gain skills as they complete the bonus rounds and understand the secrets look inside this video slot. Alkemor’s Tower Slots has 5 reels and consist of 243 lines. This means there are 243 ways to win with this game.

Bonus Games in Alkemor's Tower

Players can enter one of two different bonus games depending on which symbols are on the reels. The correct combination will result in players traveling to higher areas of the tower. The first bonus game involves the Magical Conservatory. Another bonus game involves the Arcane Observatory area of the tower. Betsoft had designed Alkemor’s Tower in such a way each bonus game will result in free spins and bonuses when completed.