Witch's Brew Slots

One of the creepiest slots game to ever be released is called Witch’s Brew Slots. As the name suggests, this scary slots game has a witch theme, and it is ideal for someone looking to scare themselves during Halloween. Even if it is not Halloween, Witch’s Brew Slots is a fun game to sit and enjoy. Keep in mind this is not a game for the fainthearted. This will be a new slots game for many people, and it is not a game to miss getting a chance to enjoy when you play Witch’s Brew. There are slot games with a similar theme to Witch’s Brew such as Witch’s Brew Slots, Witches Riches Slots, Wild Witches Slots and Wicked Witch Slots.

How To Play

When the game begins, slots players will find themselves in a dark, drafty basement which is the Witch’s Lair. This is where she mixes her pots of magic potions. The audio is authentic to the scary slots theme. Players will also be see everything lit by the candlelight the witch uses to concoct her magic potions. The reels are filled with items the witch needs to make her magic spells. Below the reels are the buttons necessary for gameplay. Slots players can change the speed of the game using the candles in the lower left corner. It is also possible to adjust the number of lines to wager all just 1 line, all the lines or a combination in between. This video slot game can be further customized with choosing the bet amount to wager the minimum or as high as the maximum coin wager. Autoplay lets the reels spin automatically without having to press the spin button each time.

About Witch’s Brew Slots

The first thing that is obvious about Witch’s Brew Slots is the eerie theme, and very spooky symbols in this slots game. It is a game filled with magic and wizardry. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines, and all of this is arranged in 3 rows. The minimum coin wager is $0.01 and this goes up to $1. The main character in this game is the witch, as she casts a spell over her bubbling cauldron. Other symbols on the reels are crucible, dragon fang, candle, crystal ball, goblin blood, cauldron, black cat, Wizard, toads, skull, spell books and a jar of eyeballs. This is a fun-filled game and unique from other slots because it has two wild symbols. One of the wilds are the Witch herself, and she is quite happy to make exchanges on the reels. The other wild is the Dragon Tooth symbol. The other special symbol in Witch’s Brew is the scatter Goblin Blood symbol.

Witch’s Brew Slots is a non-progressive slots game. However, the payouts are significant. The symbols pay from left to right with the scatter paying in any direction. The smallest coin payout ranges from 125x to 200x the amount wagered per line during base gameplay. This is for five matching symbols such as the crucibles, eyeballs, or candle. The higher paying symbols are the black cat, wizard and root. The payouts range from 1000x to 2500x for base gameplay.

Witch’s Brew Slots Bonus Features

There are special bonus features in Witch’s Brew Slots. The first feature is activated by the Dragon Two wild symbol. Three of these wild symbols on the reels will result in up to 10 re-spins given to slot players. The re-spin will happen right at that moment after the triggering spin. Look for these wild symbols to occur on the center reels of 2, 3, and 4.

The next special feature is the second wild symbol, the Witch. She is a 2x Wild symbol and will add a multiplier for any winning combinations she is a part of. This means the top base jackpot can rise from 2500x to a whopping 5000x when the Witch symbol is part of the winning combination. The Wizard symbol will also payout 2000x instead of 1000x also. The 2x multiplier will happen for payouts of all symbols.

Another bonus feature in Witch’s Brew Slots is the activated by the scatter symbol, which is the Goblin Blood. There must be three or more Goblin Blood symbols on the reels for the free spins feature to be triggered. Players can expect anywhere from 10 free spins for 3 scatters 25 free spins for 4 scatters, and up to 125 free spins for 5 scatters on the reels. Players can see how beneficial it would be to trigger the re-spins and the free spin features.

Witch’s Brew Slots is Ready For You

This slots game is waiting for you. Witch’s Brew Slots might have an eerie theme with a main character just waiting to cast a spell over you. When you play Witch’s Brew Slots, you will step into a world of magic and make believe, and the jackpot and free spins will make the experience a fun one.