Dodge City Slots

Anyone who has ever wanted to pretend to be a cowboy or cowgirl for a day can now do so with Dodge City Slots. Dodge City Slots is an action packed slots game with a Western theme. This slots game features everything a person would expect to see living in the Old West. Players will enjoy the fun and exciting of using either a download or instant play version when you play Dodge City Slots online. Dodge City slots has also been formatted for mobile devices.

How To Play Dodge City

When Dodge City Slots begins, players will see the western town in the background of the reels in the center of the street. There is a all of tumbleweed rolling by with the symbols on the reels. Below the reels are the selections for gameplay. Players should first click the question mark to the bottom left to see more information such as the basic rules, paylines, paytable, and bonus features. This is the area to find out as much about this slots game as possible, especially the amount for symbol payouts. Players can then continue making selections below the reels by adjusting the number of Lines and Total Bet,and the Lines button can be used to play just one, some or all of the paylines. There is a Max Bet button for those who want to go big and wager it all.

Dodge City Slots Game Facts

The storyline behind Dodge City involves an outlaw, a pretty girl and the cowboy with the badge who wants protect the pretty girl and the town from the outlaws. There are five reels and 10 paylines in Dodge City. The amount a slots player wants to wager can also be personalized using the Total Bet which ranges from $0.02 up to $25 for a single payline. This means a max wager in this game is equal to $250 per spin with all paylines active, as the game only accepts one coin per line. Symbols to be found on the reels in Dodge City are Sheriff Wyatt with the badge, outlaw wearing the eye patch, cowgirl Sally, sheriff’s badge, horse, cowboy boots, whiskey glass, and triplicate playing cards from Ace to 9. There are three special symbols in this game. The bonus symbol is Sheriff Wyatt, and the scatter symbol is the cowgirl Sally. The wild symbol is the Outlaw. The payouts in Dodge City Slots are remarkable. Symbols pay left to right except the scatters which are in any direction. This is a progressive slots game with a Cash Grab Jackpot and a Super Slots Jackpot at the top of the screen waiting to be won. Not only does the scatter pay, but the bonus symbols does also, and both of them will give three coins for 3 symbols on the reels. The payouts for the card symbols range from 50 coins up to 100 coins for five of each symbol. However the highest payouts for base gameplay are the horse and outlaw symbols. The horse pays out 2000 coins for five symbols, but the wild Outlaw symbol pays 10,000 coins for five symbols. This is the only time you would wish for more outlaws to appear in your life.

Dodge City Slots Bonus Features

Here are the bonus features in Dodge City Slots:
  • As the wild, the Outlaw will make exchanges on the reels for other symbols except the scatter and the bonus symbols. This symbol will also trigger the high win for this slots game
  • There is also a free spins round in Dodge City Slots which is triggered by the cowgirl Sally. There have to be at least 3 or more Sally symbols for the free spins round to begin. Slots players are rewarded with 15 free spins.
  • Dodge City Slots also has a special whiskey glass feature. This is feature which occurs during the free spins round. As glasses of whiskey show up on the reels, they are collected, and extra free spins given for the total amount of glasses. If a player collect 3 glasses of whiskey, they can receive 3 more free spins. However, if they collect 6 glasses of whiskey, the slots player will be awarded 3 free spins and a 3x multiplier.
  • The Sheriff Wyatt symbol is the bonus symbol, and like the others there has to be 3 Sheriff Wyatt symbols to activate the bonus game. Players will see the center of town, and a showdown in progress. This bonus game is a chance to shoot up to a maximum of five outlaws before they shoot you. A prize is given for each outlaw hit.

Play Dodge City Slots

This is your chance to travel back in time and have fun in the Old West when you play Dodge City Slots. Have fun with catching outlaws and protecting the city as you spin the reels.