Vikings' Victory Slots

Vikings' Victory Slots is a new games which was released, and is showing to be popular. The theme of this slots game is the Vikings, and it is set in the Viking Age. There is no group of civilization which were more feared than the Vikings when it came to conquering a land and Pillaging. Players will see and hear all of the sights and sounds common in the Viking Age. You can play Vikings' Victory Slots using software download, instant play and with the help of a mobile device.

Similar Slot Game

A similar themed slots game is Brave Viking Slots. Brave Viking also showcases the lives of the Vikings and what they were capable of. Anyone can play Brave Viking also using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. There are five reels and 9 lines in Brave Viking Slots. The minimum coin wager is $0.10 and this goes up to $1. The symbols in this slot include the Viking ship, warriors, runes, Viking masks, playing cards, Viking girls, and pairs of axes. The wild symbol is the Warrior, and the scatter symbol is the Rune. There is also a bonus symbol which is the Viking ship. There are some high payouts in Brave Viking Slots. The high jackpot is worth 6000 coins, and this is triggered by obtaining five Warriors in an active line when you play Brave Viking Slots.

Vikings' Victory Slots Game Facts

Vikings' Victory Slots has beautiful graphics and audio in this slot game. These are two things players of this game will notice. When the game begins, players will be able to see a Viking port in the background behind the reels. There are buttons for this online slots game to customize it. The buttons are simple to make things easy and consists of "Change Bet," "Gamble" and "Spin." There is also a Gamble button. Players will be able to choose from how many coins they would like to wager on each line, as this slots accepts up to 10 coins per line. The number of paylines can be adjusted up to 25 paylines for this 5 reel video slot. It is also possible to make a choice between $0.01 up to $5 as a coin wager.

The symbols on the reels is where the action is, and not only figuratively but literally. There is a lot going on in Vikings' Victory Slots. Symbols include six different Vikings as the main characters. Each Viking character is holding a weapon or a tool. The main Viking has a morning star war mace, and there are also vikings with axes, swords and shields, and bows and arrows. One of the Vikings is also making the weapons. There are also playing cards from Ace to 9. The Vikings will become animated on the reels when they are part of a winning combination. Players can watch for hammers to be pounded, swords to be slashed and arrows to be released in this entertaining slots game. The two special symbols are the large Viking with the spiked morning star war mace who is the wild symbol, and the Viking with the pair of axes who is the scatter symbol in Vikings' Victory Slots. The payouts are worth mentioning of course, with the scatter paying in any direction. Five scatters will pay 300x the wager. The other Vikings will reward between 250x to 300x for five matching symbols. The top payout is with 5 wilds in an active payline which rewards 5000x the amount wagered.

Vikings' Victory Slots Bonus Features

  • There are wilds in Vikings' Victory Slots which are head Viking symbol. He will replace other symbols on the reels to help with winning combination. He is quite scary looking, and will pound his morning star war mace on the ground when during wins.
  • Vikings' Victory Slots does have other unique bonus features. The Viking with the pair of axes is the scatter symbol and he triggers the bonus game and the free spins round. There must be at least 3 or more scatters for the Vikings' Victory Slots Bonus round to start. Players will see a screen with seven different boxes and barrels, and they are allowed to pick 3 of them. With each pick, a prize amount is revealed. After three picks, the winnings are collected, and any free spins awarded are played right after the bonus round.
  • Another special feature in Vikings' Victory Slots is the Gamble feature. This is also known as the double up feature. Players can play the Gamble feature just by pressing the button after a winning spin. A player will see they have the option to take a risk to double and collect. They will risk the amount from the previous spin. Four cards are shown with one card being the dealer's. The dealer's card is turned over and players have to choose a higher card from the remaining ones. If they find a high card, their winnings are doubled and they can risk this higher amount of collect their winnings. If the player makes the wrong choice, then he forfeits the amount won in the last spin.

Play Vikings' Victory Slots

With so much to look forward to, you can play Vikings' Victory Slots at a participating online casino. See if you have what it takes to take money from the Vikings in this exciting game.