Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots

Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots is a way to take the party on the road. Players will enjoy this on tour version of the popular television show as Wheel of Fortune slots machine games. There is nothing holding you back from playing Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots and receiving loads of bonus promotions when you level up in the game of Wheel of Fortune. It is possible to use mobile to play the free wheel of fortune app. A similar themed slots is the GSN Casino Wheel of Fortune game.

Game Facts for Wheel of Fortune On Tour

The Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots game is like no other, and some might even call it the wheel of future game based on how its designed. There are 5 reels and 30 paylines in this slot game. Players can wager from $1 to $20 on the reels, and up to 50 coins are accepted. The max wager is $1000. Symbols include a Bonus symbol, Wheelmobile, Wheel of Fortune game logo, Hollywood, New York, Mt Rushmore, Texas, maps, Philadelphia, Route 66, and keys. The Wheel of Fortune game logo is the wild symbol, and the yellow bus with the BONUS symbol starts the bonus feature when on reels one, three and five for this fortune wheel game.

Bonus Features in Wheel of Fortune On Tour

Bonus features to look forward will help players increase their winnings and ultimately their bankroll:
  • This is a slots game which provides a Level Up feature. The Level Up Feature lets players unlock new features to move up to another level. Players can receive the first bonus which is the Free Play Free Spins at level 5. From there, they can level up to Expanded Top Award available at level 13. After this is the Letter Board Picker at level 25, and then the Multiplied Spin awarded at level 45. The Multiplied Spin level is followed by the Spin to Win Bonus at level 80, and lastly, the Bonus Trigger Boost for those who make it to level 150. Slots players will only have to collect fuel symbols after they receive a bonus symbol to activate this feature. Ten fuel will go to reward 1 fuel container symbol.
  • The Free Play Free Spins Bonus will award 3 free spins, and at least one symbol is converted into the Wheel of Fortune game logo. More symbols are converted with each spin.
  • The Expanded Top Award Bonus amount is changed to 10,000 coins when this level is reached.
  • The Letter Board Picker Bonus will allow you to choose one letter tile on the screen. Players can receive a prize of an additional pick, a 1x multiplier, 50 coins or a combination of two of these.
  • The Multiplied Spin Bonus at the 45th level will give a multiplier from 2x to 5x.
  • The Spin to Win Bonus will provide a bonus game where a letter is chosen to reveal the maximum award from 1500 coins to 20,000 coins. The wheel is spun, and the option is given to say you accept or reject the prize offered. The rejected prizes on the wheel is replaced by a 50 coin prize which will end the game if the player lands on it again.
  • The Bonus Trigger Boost promotion will give a special bonus that is triggered after a number of times of spinning the reels. When the Bonus Trigger Boost happens, and there are bonus symbols on the third and fourth reels, then the On Tour Bonus is also activated.
  • There is an On Tour Bonus which is activated by the bonus game. When the bonus is activated, the fuel gauge will be completely filled and result in one 1 fuel container symbol. For every fuel container symbol this game fills, players will see the Wheelmobile vehicle move one space along the route on the map. After the bonus is over, the fuel gauge and the fuel containers are emptied to start again.
  • Wheel of Fortune On Tour slots has a bonus game which is triggered by the scatter Wheelmobile symbol. There must be three or more of these yellow Wheelmobile symbols to start the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Wheel. It is just a matter of pressing the button to spin the wheel and receive a prize.
  • There is also a Wheelmobile Wilds Feature that is activated by the wild symbol. When there is a Wheelmobile symbol on the reels, it will exchange for other symbols to the Wheel of Fortune game logo symbol. However, the Wheelmobile symbol will not do so for the Bonus symbol. At least one to four symbols can be triggered to change to the game logo symbol.

PayTable For Wheel of Fortune

The symbols will pay left to right, and the lower paying ones are the maps, keys, and Route 66 sign. These pay 150 coins for five of a kind. The medium paying ones are 250 coins, and include the Mt Rushmore, Philadelphia and Texas symbols. The higher pays start at 500 coins with five of a kind for the New York symbol, and up to 2500 coins for five Wheel of Fortune game logo symbols. There is no progressive jackpot in this game.

Try Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots Now

Now that you know all about how to play Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slots, what are you waiting for? This is a chance to first try a wheel of fortune for free, before making a real money wager at a selected casino.