Polar Explorer Slots

Do you have the sole of a great adventurer like Frederick Cook or Robert Peary? Or Roald Amundsen? Do you long for adventures taking you to the poles of the earth, but find that life gets in the way? RealTime Gaming (RTG) now provides you with a wonderful armchair bound alternative where the likelihood of frostbite is far less, and the overall fun factor is much, much higher.

Visage of the Poles

This is a big 5-reel, 25-payline game that moves really fast and looks fantastic. As with most RTG Slots, the lower level symbols are represented by the 9 through Ace card indexes, excellently redesigned to fit this icy game. The higher levels are beautifully designed graphics representing the exploration of the poles. The compasses, narwhals, explorers, and all the other images are all awesome, rich in detail and fun animations when they are in winning combinations. Three or more ship symbols trigger a bonus round or, alternitvely, separate from the symbols used in the foreground, players can build a snowflake in the background of the reels, and when it is complete a bonus round is triggered.

Cool Bonus Rounds

The whole game is really first-rate, as we have come to expect from the latest RTG offerings. What makes Polar Explorer stand apart from its peers, however, is the wonderful bonus feature rounds. The Explorer free spin rounds feature reels 1 and 5 frozen on wildcards while reels 2, 3, and 4 spin away, making loads of winning combinations.

Then there is the Discovery bonus round wherein at least one reel is frozen with a wildcard.

Finally there is the Hidden Treasure Feature which is a pretty basic, though excellently designed, pick-and-win style of side game. The tension builds as the ice cave threatens to collapse while the player chooses which of the 5 treasure chests to save.

Best of all, this game comes with a feature guarantee, so you will trigger a bonus round in 125 spins or less.

Playing With the Explorers

The basic slot game functions of Polar Explorer are first class. In addition to the bonus rounds and the free spins, players will find a great autoplay function that may be tailored to their personal preferences. This game is super reliable and the graphics are what we have come to expect from RTG in their current lot of outstanding Slot Games. So bundle up by the fireplace with a big mug of hot cocoa, and explore the Great White North tonight with Polar Explorer!