Alien Invasion Slots

The aliens are coming! Grab your rayguns and prepare to defend the planet! Alien Invasion is an outer space action adventure where you're trying to take out as many disgusting multi-fanged alien worm creatures before they can destroy earth. The graphics are snazzy – far more exciting than you'd expect from this class of video slot, and the sound effects really pull you in as well. Play this thrilling space ride by downloading the free casino software today – it only takes a few moments, and you'll have access to a whole host of other great titles as well.

The Plan to Defeat the Aliens

Joining the fight against the evil invaders is, thankfully, not difficult. Once you have the software, you'll be joining the fight in no time. To get started, simply select what size coin you want to be playing. You can set this anywhere between a 10c piece and a whole $10 per coin if you're feeling flush. Next, decide how many coins you want to bet on each spin of the reels. Extra coins increase your cost per spin, but they also yield extra prize money.

Shoot On Sight

There's a large pay table at the top of the screen, so you're in no danger of getting sucked into a black hole as far as winning symbols are concerned, but here's a summary of the main winners. If an Alien Head lands on the payline, anywhere, you win. It's sort of like a Scatter symbol for 3 reel slots. After that, be on the lookout for hideous alien beasties – there's three different kinds worth increasing amounts of cash. Next up is the Planet, the Galaxy, and the Spaceship.

Bonus Victory Against the Alien Hordes

Alien Invasion doesn't feature a specific bonus round the way many 5 reel slots do, but it's not without neat special features. For example, the Ray Gun is the game's top prize, and pays out up to $20,000 depending on coin size and bet, but that's not all it does. If the ray gun appears as part of another combination, it doubles the prize cash! Also, there's a nifty Stop Spin button that you can use to your advantage if you're smart. With most video slots, it's a case of spinning the reels and waiting for them to come to a stop one by one. But if you use the Stop Spin button, you can slam the brakes on at any time if you feel like the symbols are about to line up.