Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots

Cleopatra's Pyramid is a luscious, sand swept adventure into a romantic vision of ancient Egypt, full of mystical hieroglyphics, golden treasures, and scarab beetles. It is a feast for the eyes with its intricate designs and beautiful animation, plus it's incredibly playable. If the lure of a fantastically well built video slot wasn't enough for you, factor in the idea that its top jackpot is worth up to $100,000 ... got your attention now? Best of all, this game is available to play at Liberty Slots Casino, which means that you could be playing it in the next five minutes at flash casino without downloading a thing.

Finding Your Way Around the Pyramid

Despite the game's rich graphical complexity, Cleopatra's Pyramid is a relatively easy game to get the hang of. Start by deciding how much money you want to bet on the pay line - you can play for any amount between 1c and $10. If you'd like to increase your odds of winning something on each spin, activate extra pay lines: Cleopatra's Pyramid supports up to 20. Each pay line that you add costs you an extra stake, but it also gives you an extra chance to hit the jackpot every round. Finally, spin the reels, and see if fate favors you when they come to rest. Remember that the game has an Autoplay feature if you get tired of mashing the Spin button.

Meet the Pyramid's Inhabitants

The winning symbols in Cleopatra's Pyramid start with the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace from a deck of cards, nicely represented in a font that makes them look suitably ancient. These are on the low end, but not to be sniffed at. Far more valuable symbols include the golden Mummy and Queen Cleopatra herself, who is worth more than any other symbol in the game. Get five Cleopatra's in a row, and you win the game's top prize of 10,000 coins (potentially a $100,000 value). Not as valuable - but far more fun - are the Pyramid and Scarab Beetle symbols, both of which launch different bonus games.

The Ancient Bonus Treasures of the Pyramid

If you manage to get three or more Scarab Beetles to appear anywhere on the reels - even if they don't line up - you automatically win 15 free spins. What makes this bonus game so fantastic is that all of your winnings will be tripled! The second bonus game is triggered if a Pyramid symbol appears simultaneously anywhere on the second and fourth reels. In this game, you must make your way to the summit of the Pyramid, choosing your path by revealing what's hidden beneath its stones. Every choice you make will reveal either a random amount of cash, or a cobra. You continue to ascend until you either reach the top with a huge pile of cash, or hit a cobra and bust out, keeping what you've made so far.