Frog Hunter Slots

Frog Hunter Slots is the newest slot addition to 7Red Casino profile. This slot game is very straightforward and a ton of fun. The graphics are crisp and vibrant. Frog Hunter offers some quick, easy and effortless bonuses to double and even triple your wins, the special bonus options such as Dragonfly Bonuses and the Water Lily Bonus.

The Dragonfly Bonuses start when a dragonfly symbol pops up to the left of the female frog, or to the right of the male frog or in between the two of them, get a 10, 15 or 25 credit bonus respectively. Every dragonfly bonus gives you an opportunity to try and double or triple your win.

The Water Lily Bonus starts when three or more water lily symbols come up in nearby reels will trigger a game within a game. You will have a try to cross the river to your beautiful ‘frogess’. Each lily you pass successfully will award you a bonus – a multiple of your total bet. Just don’t jump to the lily where the croc is hiding or your bonus will get eaten along with your frog.