5Dimes Mini Games For Apple or Android

5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook has released a product known as its Mini Games. Just imagine being able to play games in bite size portions. The Mini Games promotion that is offered here will allow anyone with the right Apple or Android mobile smartphone to play when they want to.

Quite a variety of games are being offered by 5Dimes Casino. The games are small enough to be seen on a mobile phone, but have the full action of game play. You can choose from titles such as Deuces Wild or Video Poker. There is a great mini promotion that allows players to receive a rebate during Rebate Video Poker or Rebate Blackjack. The rebate received if for 0.2% of the volume played.

About Mini Games

The mini sizes of these games make it possible for any compatible smartphone to have the action of game play right when they want it, wherever they are. The great thing about 5Dimes Casino Mini Games is that a small window will open up when playing the game. This is an opportunity to be able to do other things on your mobile phone. This small window can be moved around and positioned where is most comfortable for you.