Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is sort of the new kid in the poker world. If you are one of the many players who enjoy both casino slots and poker games, you will enjoy playing Ignition Poker. This is the newly launched poker site from Ignition Casino. Ignition Casino has just recently announced it has taken over Bovada Poker and will offer these poker games to its players. So it is Bovada Poker games under a new brand. You can enjoy unlimited poker games when you play at Ignition Poker.

Get Started at Ignition Poker

It is not difficult to get started at Ignition Poker. It accepts American players. Players will first be required to download the poker software, and must make sure their computers are compatible. The poker website has written an in-depth tutorial on how to setup the computer. There is also information on the website about how to update your current operating system or change your DNS server address. These are all in preparation to connect to the poker website, play games and participate in the tournaments.

Poker Games at Ignition Poker

Do not miss the variety of poker games available at Ignition Poker. Ignition Casino features poker games such as Deuces Wild, Double Jackpot, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker. With the addition of Ignition Poker, players can now have access to mobile poker games. Mobile Poker allows all players to use devices such as a smartphone or tablet to enjoy the Ignition Mobile Poker games wherever they are.

There are also Zone Poker games available here. Zone Poker can be played on a mobile device, and it is a faster type of poker game. Players will see a shorter time frame between folded hands to new cards being dealt in Zone Poker. The player is automatically sent into a new game at a new table after he folds.

Ignition Poker offers Anonymous tables, which are poker tables where you can remain incognito. This will make it easier for you to relax and just enjoy playing poker. The software also makes it possible for you to view your previous hands and to customize your table using themes, colors and table skins. Look forward to themes such as football, basketball, and racing poker tables.

Bonuses and Tournaments

Just like Ignition Casino, Ignition Poker also has bonuses and tournaments. Players can look forward to a $1100 Welcome Bonus when they join and play at Ignition Poker. It is important to read the terms and conditions for this bonus, and be sure to deposit the minimum amount to your account to qualify.

Some of the best tournaments are available at Ignition Casino with a guaranteed $2 million in weekly prizes:

  • First, there is the $100K Poker Tournament which is available on a weekly basis. It is one of Ignition Poker's most popular poker tournaments. Beginning every Sunday, with a first place prize pool of $20K, players can receive a seat at the poker table for a minimum buy-in of $1 if they qualify through the week. Ignition Poker players can also use their Poker Points to book a seat at the table. There is also a direct buy-in on Sunday of $162 for the $100K Tournament. This is instead of playing throughout the week with smaller tournaments to qualify.
  • Do not forget the Mad Monday Tournaments which start at 2 p.m. and go until 11 p.m. with guaranteed prize pools ranging from $2,000 up to $100,000 for the winners. There is a tournament starting every hour during this time-frame.
  • Ignition Poker also offers Sit-and-Go poker tournaments. These are not for the weak at heart, as they are the most lightning-fast poker tournaments imaginable. There is a selection of games to choose from such as Texas Hold'em, and also many different buy-in levels.
  • If playing the Sit-and-Go poker tournaments are not enough, there are also Turbo Tournaments. There are two types - the Hyper Turbo and Super Turbo tournaments. These are daily tournaments starting from 2:30 p.m. until midnight. The prize pools range from $1,000 $10,000. There are increasing blinds every 2 to 6 minutes and a variety of buy-in levels for these Turbo Tournaments.

As you can see when you play at Ignition Poker, there are a lot of tournaments to keep you entertained. You can look forward to anonymous poker tables and collect Poker Points to redeem for prizes and tournaments.

Poker Software Available

Poker players have to go no further than Ignition Casino to discover what poker games the casino has in store for them. It is now possible to just sit at home or where you happen to be and enjoy Ignition Casino Poker. It is possible to get started with poker games by downloading the poker software. Ignition Casino will provide this software in multiple languages. You will also be able to play these games anonymously. This is great for anyone who does not want their identity out there on the Internet. No one will be able to tell who you are and also they will not be able to know your game strategy. The poker room technology allows a chance to try up to 15 tables during a session. You will not just be able to play poker but can access other casino games. This poker software is for Windows and MAC systems.

Poker Download Software Features

A couple of the software features include:

  • The Card Design Feature: The card design feature is a well-liked characteristic of the Ignition Casino poker games. This is a custom feature in which players are able to change how their cards look. Poker players will see they have a couple of designs to choose from. The designs may also be animated. These changes will allow you to animate your cards in a way that the cards look like they have received an electric shock. Another animation will cover the cards and surround them in flames. This can be used to represent the hot action to be found when you "sit" at the table.
  • The Custom Table Feature: There is also a custom table feature which is very similar to the card design feature. The characteristic of the software is to provide a way to change how your poker table looks. Ignition Casino offers table skins to do just that. The level of customization is not just for the poker tables, but it is possible to use casino software to add customization to the racebook. You can use racetrack skins and themes. There are also stadium themes available for the sportsbook. Some of the sports that will have these themes are baseball, soccer, football, and basketball.
  • A Quick Seat Feature: You can experience when you become a player in Ignition Casino Poker how useful the Quick Seat Feature will be. This is a way to start playing without the usual lengthy waiting time. This feature will allow you to 'sit' quickly at a table when there is one available. The benefits of this feature is that you can maximize your time playing inside the online poker rooms. You will be able to begin playing more quickly than you did before. Games such as Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha and Texas Hold 'Em poker have this feature.
  • Try The Poker Chat Feature: It is possible to try the Poker Chat Feature. Some players find it fun and entertaining to be able to chat with fellow players. This can mimic the experience of sitting around an actual poker table. However, the poker chat is not mandatory. You are able to mute specific players and may even decide to mute the entire game if you like.
  • An All-In Percentage Feature: An All In Percentage Feature is also one of the special characteristics of the Ignition poker software. The casino has built in a way for you to check how likely you will be to win the pot. This is for those players who decide they want to go 'all-in' with the hand that they have. The software will then show a percentage that reflects the likelihood of them winning. This percentage is available as soon as the cards are shown.
  • The Multiple Language Feature: The world seems smaller now that there are modern advancements to bring people from all around the world together. Playing in Ignition Casino poker will have players who understand and prefer various languages. The software does give gameplay in English, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.
  • A Hand History Feature: Poker players may not be aware they can view old hands that they have already played. One of the popular characteristics of the software is the opportunity to use the Hand History Feature. You will not just see a snapshot or pictures of previous hands, but rather a video clip showing the hand played and outcome. This is a good feature to use when studying gameplay for tips and strategies to implement. The Hand History Feature has a rewind and fast forward button when reviewing previous hands.

The Benefits of Ignition Casino Poker

You may be asking yourself about the benefits of Ignition Casino Poker. Even if they are not obvious to you, one of the most well-known benefits is the chance to play poker games online without having your identity plastered all over the Internet. Players will not have to worry about someone taking over their identity because gameplay is completely anonymous. Other players will not have an idea of how you play.

There is a second benefit for trying the casino poker rooms inside Ignition. This would be Mobile Poker. The Ignition Casino mobile poker involves technology which allows you to play where you are. You can be sitting at a coffee shop or waiting for an appointment, and still will be able to enjoy any poker games. To play mobile poker, you must have a device such as a smartphone or tablet, and they must be compatible with mobile operating systems. Therefore, devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets may be used.

Another benefit to using Ignition Poker software is the chance at Zone Poker. Players would have access to some of the fastest game action around, and they will be able to use their mobile device to play. Zone Poker will reduce the amount of time needed to start playing. This includes the waiting times for a poker table and the time for cards to be dealt. The faster pace is ideal of any players who fold, as they will quickly see they are sent to a new table with new players and cards as soon as one is available. This is another way to maximize your playing time.

Play Poker Online

These are just a couple of the features and benefits to discover when you try Ignition Casino Poker. This is a way to play poker online.