Grand Virtual Casinos Group

Grand Virtual may not be a name that is familiar to all players but it is a name that any well seasoned online casino player should be familiar with. Grand Virtual offers over 240 different interactive games for online play in addition to customer support, customer management and a multitude of other exciting features.

Fantastic Range of Games to Choose From

Grand Virtual is a UNIX based software system that offers multi player poker rooms in addition to an array of over 240 different interactive 3D games. There are 3 reel slots games, 5 reel slots games, instant video slots, poker games and every table game that you can think of. Not to mention of course the specialty games such as Sic Bo, Solitaire, and scratch cards which are becoming even more popular today. In fact it seems that Grand Virtual do not leave anything out when it comes to choice and types of online games to choose from.

Multinational and Multilingual Gaming

Apart from the multiplayer poker games which are one of the most sought after and popular features from Grand Virtual software providers, there are also numerous other good reasons to choose Grand Virtual games. Grand Virtual understands the importance of international game play and does its utmost to provide the best international platform possible, with games being available in over 12 different languages. You can find Grand Virtual software games in over 200 different countries which just proves again not only the versatility of the games but also the widespread acceptance of the games and their platforms.

Customer Care and Support

With 24 hour 7 day a week customer care and support, you might think that this is enough. But, in fact Grand Virtual also offers an ewallet solution for all of their users which serves to help the players and enhance the games and their properties. Game management and bankroll management are just some of the important options that Grand Virtual offers together with their casino management and gaming solutions.

Forward Thinking and Diversity

Grand Virtual are known for their vision and introduction of games and gaming concepts that are not just limited to the computer screen although these make up most of their portfolio. In addition Grand Virtual are specialists in mobile casino gaming, and even interactive games for the Television. Grand Virtual truly understand the requirements of the online casino customer and even have some very creative and original promotional ideas and concepts. Playing Grand Virtual games is not only a pleasure but it is a must for any true online gaming maestro.

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