Slots Genres

With the abundance of new slot machines being released each and every month by the internet's top online casinos, players are complaining of the increasing difficulty involved in finding slots games that appeal to them. While one could simply visit an online casino's website to find a complete listing of slot machine games offered, it would be a lot trickier to find a particular type of slot machine. For example, a casino-playing sports fan might want to play a basketball-related slots game, but where would this person go to find a list of basketball related slots games? While a game such as Dennis Rodman's Worm's World Slots might mean something to the avid basketball fan, a game such as Money Shot Slots could be anything from a basketball-themed slots game, to a stock-market themed one.

Thankfully, we've also been caught in the position of searching for a particular genre of slot machine, without any help whatsoever. With this in mind, we've compiled guides to several different slots genres, which should assist you a great deal in finding games in your area of interest. Some of our most popular guides include: