Pirate Slots

When it comes to slot games that have something to do with pirates...the sky is basically the limit! There are funny pirates...mean pirates...comical pirates...lost pirates...and the list just goes on. So...what makes pirate slots different from each other and why are there so many? The answer to that question is simple...they are so well liked that there really is a demand for them all. Pirates...one of the most popular theme these days... it brings back memories of the one eyed bandit...a treasure hunt...and the high seas.

Oh Boy...Which to Choose?

is one pirate themed slot game with five reels and nine pay lines and a Bonus Game to boot! There is the chance at a 12,000 coin jackpot. The slot is both a penny slot as well as a high roller slot as you can bet as low as a cent and go right up to $45 as the maximum bet. The there is Blue Beards Bounty slots which is a three reels and three pay line slot game that offers a top jackpot of 1,500 coins. It has a massive jackpot of $15,000 if you have all three coins wagered. Or...there is Sunken Ships slots which offers three reels and four pay lines plus a 2,000 coin jackpot.

Cross Bones & Swords...

Buccaneers Bounty is another great pirate themed slot game that has five reels and five pay lines with a hefty 10,000 coin jackpot and a Bonus Game. Pirate symbols such as cannons, skull and cross bones, black flag, ships, swords, pirates and beer fill the reels of this game. Gold Beard is a really cool pirate themed slot game that offers a progressive jackpot and five reels and 20 pay lines. That is not even including the 24 free games that are also on offer.

Watch Out for the Pirate's Revenge

Nothing can be worse than a Pirate's Revenge so watch this online slot game for some twists and turns. With five reels and nine pay lines and a sweet bonus round...Pirate's Revenge is one to remember. Pirate's Gold offers five reels and nine pay lines and also has a very profitable bonus round to boot! As you can see...the name may change but the theme is basically the same. Pirate themed slots are here to stay. Who knows...besides being a bit captivating they might bring out a side of us that can only be revealed with a sunken treasure!

There's a bunch to pick from...play a pirate themed slot today...maybe you can find the bounty.