Online Slots for Real Money

If you are serious about playing slots online, then there's no point playing for fun. While idly clicking and spinning your reels may sound like fun to some, real players know that life is too short to be skipping out on jackpots. The exhilaration of watching the graphics flow and align into a winning combination is not a feeling to be missed.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you online slots is nothing more than just messing around on a computer. This is the real thing. You'll get the same emotional ride and the same payouts as you would at an offline casino. The only difference is that you can play in the comfort of your own home, celebrating your victories however you'd like.

Your favorite machine is always open online, and no punk granny is chain-smoking in your favorite chair. It's just you and the slots . . .with a payout just around the corner. Online slots are even looser than offline slots, offering an average 97% payout ratio.

Best Play for Cash Slots Games

Naturally, just like in an offline casino, not all of the slots are the same. There are some that are just a little more entertaining than others. Here are three of the games that currently have slots players all over the US glued to their games:

Online Slots for Real Money
The Reel Deal SlotsREVIEW

Reel Deal Slots

This game is based on the hyper-popular Deal or No Deal Game. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines. You play by picking your lucky number and then progressively eliminating cases with spins to get to the 100,000 payout.

Mermaid’s Quest SlotsREVIEW

Mermaids Quest Slots

With 5 reels and 9 paylines, this game of underwater hide, set and bet will keep you entertained for hours. Bets range from .01 to $90, and watch for special bonus spins when Neptune's Trident appears.

Money Shot SlotsREVIEW

Money Shot Slots

This one is perfect for the sports fan, as the 5 reel, 20 payline game is all about making that one perfect shot. NBA theme music and Vegas Technology graphics make this one entertaining quest for the big swish.

Play Slots For Real Money at the Leading US Friendly Casinos

As you look for the best places to play slots online for money, why not lend your business to casinos that are friendly to US players? With all transactions available in US dollars, all US players are welcome at Millionaire Casino and Golden Casino. Golden Casino even has an exclusive slots tournament reserved just for new players with a $3,000 cash pool and prizes for the top 200 players.

Online Cash Slots Competitions

If you get tired of playing by yourself, you can also participate in online cash slots competitions. It does help to practice at home for a while first! When you play online casino for cash, you will want to look for competitions that are relatively short, offer generous cash prizes and that have easy to understand rules so that you don't inadvertently miss out on payouts. Liberty Slots Casino and Liberty Slots Flash Casino both offer competitions, with prizes ranging from pure cash to fancy trips to Vegas for winners.