Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels is a great game to play for Halloween, but the spooky thrills that it delivers mean that it's fantastic fun all year round as well. Despite in presented in a traditional three reel format, the game supports many exciting features that you would only expect to find in five reel games.

Apart from great graphics and truly creepy sound effects, Haunted Reels is growing in popularity because of its wild symbols, lucrative bonus round, and $24,000 jackpot prize.

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Spells for Winning Riches

Haunted reels is both an easy game to play and an easy game to win at. One of the nice things about it is that it allows you to scale your gambling: you can start low and scale upwards as you gain in confidence.

It does this by allowing you to set the value of the coins you'll be playing with. If the spooky sounds scare you, wuss out at $.10 a coin. Feeling the courage to go head to head with the evil witch? Play $10 a coin.

The core of the game is simple: place a bet, spin the three reels, and see if a matching combination of symbols lines up when the game hits the brakes. If it does, you'll be paid out in multiples of whatever you bet to start with.

Creepy Creatures and Cool Cash

The designers went to town with the Halloween feel of this game. There's a symbol for candy which triggers a win regardless of how many of it fall on the line.

This is followed by Bars in their classic single, double and triple forms, and yes, the game pays out for three mismatched Bars. Then the spookiness begins.

Is a really creepy symbol of a kittie cat rubbing itself against a gravestone - but it's worth a decent amount of coin, so look out for it.

The evil witch is the most valuable symbol in the game, and triggers the Haunted Reels' top jackpot prize of 2,400 coins - which translates to $24,000 if you're playing on maximum bet. She is also the Wild symbol and will double the value of any line she's a part of. In fact, if two of her fall on the line, you'll be paid out quadruple whatever the value of the third symbol is.

The Pumpkin Hides the Reel Goodies

If the bonus pumpkin lands on the pay line, this triggers the bonus round. In it, you're presented with a number of carved Halloween jack-o'-lanterns, and each one hides a random amount of cash.

You may pick up to 3 pumpkins, but you can only keep the cash that's under one of them. As each pumpkin reveals its bonus, you'll be given the option to either keep that cash, or trade it for a different pumpkin. So that you to decide whether you like bonus you're being offered, or whether you'd like to risk getting a smaller one by picking a different pumpkin.