Large Tournaments at Black Lotus Casino

Black Lotus Casino is well known for the large amount of tournaments that it has. As a casino player, you can compete and win competitions against other casino players. This is a great way to enjoy the casino games. Tournaments will make casino games more fun and exciting when you play at Black Lotus Casino. The tournaments available can be grouped into a deposit or no deposit tournament. You will be able to be good at a casino game and one of the best in order to win the prize money.

Weekend Tournament

There is a weekend tournament that starts at Saturday and does not finish until Sunday morning. This tournament is for players who enjoy Slots and Blackjack. Players will have 24 hours to play as much as they can before the winner of the Free 24 Hour Blackjack and Slots Tournament is announced. The top prize money is $100. You will just have to play using one of four codes. For example for slots, use code SUMBONSATS .

Weekday Tournaments

Black Lotus Casino also has weekday tournaments called the Manic Monday and Whacky Wednesday Tournaments. These tournaments are not free like the weekend tournament and requires an entry fee of 100 comp points or $10. Players can compete for 24 hours and receive 50 percent of the prize pool if they are the top winner.