Luxury Liner Slots

So, you're a video slots fan and you seen it all. You've played the 5 reel games and mastered all of the bonus rounds. You've played all of the 7 reel games and clocked them. You are looking for new challenges, but you find yourself missing the simplicity of the games that got you started.

If this sounds at all familiar, it is likely that you need a holiday on Luxury Liners - a classic 3 reel video slot from Vegas Technology. It's a stripped down, straightforward game that isn't taxing on the player at all - perfect for relaxing with.

Take a cruise on Luxury Liners today - you can download the software for free from Liberty Slots Casino. Or, if that sounds too much like work, play it right there on their website.

Get Your Tickets For The Cash Cruise Ship

Luxury Liners is not the sort of game that is going to bog you down with lots of rules and complicated controls - the theme of the game is relaxation, after all.

Here's how it works: you looking at 3 reels, each covered in a random combination of 6 different symbols. The aim of the game is to spin the reels and try to get matching symbols to line up with each other on the pay line when the reels come to a halt. If they do, you win a cash prize equivalent to a multiple of whatever your initial bet was.

You can bet between 1 and 3 coins per spin, and while the default coin values $.25, you're allowed to lower this to $.10, or raise it as high as $10 if you're feeling lucky: however you want to play this game is fine.

Holiday Snaps of Holiday Cash

With only one exception, the symbols that this game uses are all traditional one armed bandit icons that you will easily recognize. They are, in increasing order of value: Cherries, Bars in single, double, and triple format, 7's and Cruise Ships.

To make things a bit easier, the game will pay out on any Cherry - it doesn't need to form part of a combination, if it lands on the line you'll get paid.

Also, while Bars pay out best if they arrive as 3 of a kind, mismatched Bars are also considered a winning combination, and the game will also pay out on combinations of 7's and Cruise Ships.

Getting the Most Out of Your Cruise

Luxury Liners doesn't feature a specific bonus round, but you can maximize your winnings by playing 3 coins at the time. Risking 3 coins in every spin does a lot more than just triple your winnings, especially on the other end of the pay scale. If you manage to get 3 Cruise Ships while playing on max coins, you'll be paid out 5 times the single coin jackpot!