Bingo Bonanza: Enjoy Slots.LV 7 Bingo Variations

Loads of bingo games may be found inside of online casinos, and this is true for Slots.LV Casino. Not only do players have to go out of the house to find an entertaining bingo game. They will be able to play bingo games for real money. Slots.LV has 7 different varieties of bingo to make this possible. Each of the seven games is unique, which will give bingo players looking for something different a chance to try each one to find their favorite one.

Guide to Play Online Slots.LV Bingo

Bingo has come a long way from the dark, musty bingo halls of the past to the super quick electronic games found in online casinos. Players will discover that the online version is not that much different from regular bingo that they may have played in a bingo hall. It involves bingo cards and balls being drawn. When a ball matches the number on the card, then this is considered to be a hit. When the cards develop a pattern of hits then the person can claim bingo when all the numbers have been hit.

For online bingo games, this is still true, and players will need first to decide how many bingo cards they would like to buy. Some games can give you as many as 100 cards, whereas other games will give you 3 to 4 cards per round. It is by making a purchase of cards that a wager is made, and it is time to then release the balls. Hitting the play button will draw each ball once at a time, and players can see the matching numbers crossed off their bingo cards.

Some of the bingo games these days now have bonus features, and it is a matter of playing another game such as a mini or secondary game to receive extra prizes. It is also possible to see that the online games will allow players to buy extra bingo balls that make it easier for those who are very close to winning. Bingo players will discover that they can also have access to progressive jackpots in a similar way with slots and table games.

Live Bingo Games

When people hear live bingo games, they normally think of a regular bingo hall that has been around for years. However, live bingo games these days consist of being anywhere and being able to see virtual live bingo while sitting at home. This is in a similar way to a live casino that will have a dealer for live blackjack, live baccarat, or live roulette. Bingo players do not have to travel and can watch live versions of bingo balls being drawn in an online casino. This makes it easy to be able to play anywhere, especially if the player has a mobile device.

About Slots.LV Bingo Games

Most casinos will have just a few, but this online casino is providing a choice of seven. These bingo titles include: Go Go Bingo, Bingo Goal, Amazonia Bingo, Tribo Bingo, Bingo Cataratas, Pesca Bingo, and Bingo Ribierinhos.

Go Go Bingo

The Go Go Bingo game is fairly straightforward. There will be four cards given and 30 bingo numbers called. Players will have to match any of the 12 patterns on the cards to count as wins. There are plenty of extra prizes to be won during the bonus features.

Bingo Goal

A soccer bingo game awaits in Bingo Goal. There are four cards, and the game starts by placing a wager on each card. Then 30 balls are drawn. Players will win big if they call bingo within the first 30 bingo balls. This will activate the progressive jackpot to payout. There is a bonus feature which is the penalty kick, and it is triggered after a win. If the kick is successful, players will win even more.

Amazonia Bingo

Players will find themselves in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest in this bingo game. Gameplay consists of up to five bingo cards in a similar grid configuration to slot games. After making a choice of cards, wagers may be placed for the bingo card. The Amazonia bingo game will select from 33 balls. The game also allows players to purchase extra bingo balls up to 10. This will be handy for anyone who is 1-2 numbers away from winning. As with other games, bingo games may also be progressive. A large progressive jackpot is waiting. This is triggered only by matching the first batch of 30 bingo balls on the cards given out.

Tribo Bingo

The tropical nature of Tribo Bingo is evident the moment it begins. The player will see that they are allocated 4 bingo cards and may match up to 15 numbers per card. The wager is made, and the game calls 31 balls. It does allow for balls to be purchased, and up to 12 extra ones can be bought. The bonus feature is available after a winning bingo card. It is a bow and arrow game that lets bingo players shoot arrows for extra prizes.

Bingo Cataratas

Bingo Cataratas is a wild jungle type of bingo game. There are unique bonus features in this game, such as a big wheel. Bingo players are allowed a spin on the big Bonus Wheel when they have a straight pattern on a single bingo card. It is possible to buy extra bingo balls.

Pesca Bingo

The Pesca Bingo game takes players to a place under the water. It offers the 30 standard bingo balls called. There are 12 patterns that are winners, and at the highest wager, the max win is $15,000.

Bingo Riberinhos

The bingo fun continues in South America with the jungle in Bingo Riberinhos. The winning bingo pattern will be when there are eleven ball combinations on the bingo cards. It is possible to buy more balls with up to 13 available. The bingo game does have a bonus feature where players will look for fish to receive coins. The progressive jackpot is activated by matching 30 of the balls called in a row.

Explore Bingo

Keep in mind that these are just some of the games to find when you explore bingo at Slots.LV Casino.