Cafe Casino Has $100 Friend Referral Bonus

Cafe Casino is now offering one of the highest referral bonuses in the online casino industry with up to $100 up for grabs. This is a way for current Cafe Casino members to be rewarded when they tell others about playing in this online casino for the Friend Referral Bonus at Cafe Casino.

$100 Friend Bonus

It is easy to get started towards receiving $100 for each friend you refer and those who sign up to the casino. Each casino member will have a friend referral link attached to their account. Cafe Casino players will get started by sending this link to their friends to receive the bonus. One a friend clicks on the link, they can then sign up and make a deposit, and the current casino member who sent them the link will receive $100 in their casino account. This link can be used to refer an unlimited amount of friends to use this online casino.

Keep in mind that the friend will also receive a bonus for doing so. They can enjoy a $10 Free Chip and they can also redeem the $5000 Cafe Casino Welcome Bonus available online as new casino members. The wagering requirement for the $100 Friend Referral Bonus is 35x, and the max cashout of winnings on this bonus is 10x. However, there is no limit on the amount of people who can be told about this, and subsequently signs up. This is ideal for those casino members who have lots of friends to refer. All players will also have access to some of the latest games in the online casino industry, and can use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals to play at Cafe Casino.

Why Play Café Casino

One of the things a player might wonder after hearing about this online casino is, “Why Play Café Casino?” Each player will have their own reason for wanting to play online as opposed to going to a casino. However, there are some reasons why players have decided to sign up at Café Casino. Firstly, the casino has updated the games and technology offered to players. The casino offers a new design which players have described as easy to navigate and use. This includes having games which load faster for players. Secondly, there has also been improved security for accounts and players are required to use a PIN number. This PIN number for their casino account will prevent any enticement to thieves. Thirdly, there are also casino Leaderboards which are fun tournaments giving participants a chance to win a prize. Players can look forward to the Café Casino Perks where they will be able to see what bonuses they qualify for and how to redeem them.

Other Bonuses at Café Casino

There are many other bonuses to enjoy at Café Casino. One of the first ones that is popular is the Mystery Bonus. This is a weekly bonus in which players will see that the bonus details are sent to them in their inbox. They will only need to log into their email accounts to see what the Mystery Bonus is for the week. The casino also offers a special Bitcoin Bonus. Players who want a chance at an extra bonus of up to $1,000 will only have to deposit to try the No Max Bonus. This is for players will want to play without having to worry about the maximum cashout amount. This is a first time bonus that is easy to redeem with the coupon code. Players will be able to also enjoy cashback bonuses. These are part of the special bonuses available at Café Casino. The Cashback Bonuses are available in the Perks Program and the amount available depends on the Level of the casino player. The Cashback Bonus can range from 10% to up to 18% at the highest level. Casino members will only need to collect points to reach the top Levels in bonus offers.