Ignition Rewards

Casino players on the hunt for something more should consider Ignition Casino. This is because of what is contained inside the Ignition Casino rewards program. Ignition Rewards is the loyalty program offered by this casino, and all members are automatically a part of it. New players would only have to sign up to be included. Ignition Casino has recently revamped their loyalty rewards program to offer even more to casino members.

Getting Started

As stated, it is just a matter of signing up to Ignition Casino to be included in Ignition Rewards. The loyalty rewards program allows players to earn what is called Ignition Miles. The amount of Ignition Miles increase with being more active in this casino. Players will be rewarded with cash bonuses and other perks and prizes for taking part. This is a rewards program that allows players to cash in their Ignition Miles for cash whenever someone would like to. Casino members will be happy to know they will always be a member of Ignition Rewards program, as long as they are a member of Ignition Casino. Therefore, the loyalty rewards membership is set in stone for casino members.

About Player Ignition Rewards Levels

It is just a matter of doing what you would normally do to actively participate in an online casino which will bring you closer to rewards. There are two types of miles to receive in the Ignition Casino Rewards Program. Miles are earned for each dollar wagered. For example, $1 on slot games is equal to 5 miles, but $1 on specialty games is worth 15 miles. The first type of mile is called the Ignition Miles. Ignition Miles will accumulate by making wagers and playing in the casino. They can be turned into cash. The second type of miles are the Tier Miles. Tier Miles are also earned by playing in the casino, but they are used to move up tier levels in the rewards program.

Players will encounter eight levels in Ignition Rewards. The first level is Steel that everyone starts at, and then goes up to Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond. Players at Chrome level are invited to the poker freerolls, and players who achieve Platinum level will have access to Birthday bonuses. Anyone wanting to redeem their Ignition Miles back to cash can do so at 1000 miles to $1 at Diamond level. However, this is 2500 miles to $1 at Steel level.

Ignition Rewards Portal

This is just a small taste of what to look forward to as part of the Ignition Rewards program. With a well-designed Rewards Portal, casino members will easily be able to exchange miles for cash, check their mile balance or redeem exclusive rewards when they play at Ignition Casino.