Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank

Are you a casino you love to slot machines make your heart skip a beat? The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank is a great gift to give your father and you may want to consider buying one for yourself too. This is a large scale replica slot machine that is just too much like the real thing...from the flashing lights on the jackpot the realistic sounds of the bustling the machine trim lined in chrome...this is the real deal...perhaps we should say the "reel" deal!

It Doubles as a Bank

This Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine doesn't stop at just being purely serves a purpose is a bank with separate sections to save up some loot before you head off to the real casino. The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank also accepts 98% of the coins in the world...this means that the euro...the yen...Canadian...and Australian coins are all accepted. All you want to do is feed this replica slot machine your coins and you will kind of feel like you are playing slots but really you are banking cash.

A Great Gift Idea

The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank only weighs 5.6 pounds so it is not big and bulky at all and the dimensions are 6 inch x 8.75 inch x 15 inches tall. This replica runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) but these only power the light and do not need any batteries for just the bank. Anyone who has a bar...a game room...a study...or a den would just love this piece...especially if they have the flair for casino slots! It is a great decoration and an even better conversation piece.

Included Features

The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank has Wide Spinning Reels, a Flashing Candle with Jackpot, Jackpot Bell Sound, a Working Handle, and a Savings Bank Coin Slot on Back. It has a Jackpot coin return as a manual coin return. You also have the option to have this wonderful piece customized if you would like. This is a great idea if you are giving it away as a gift but is also a neat way to display it at home.


The price is very affordable for the Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank but it is a good idea to shop the Web and find competitive pricing before making a purchase.