Play Hot New Ultimate 10X Wild Slots at Liberty Slots Casino

The hot new slots game called Ultimate 10X Wild has landed at Liberty Slots Casino just in time for casino members to enjoy it. This is a WGS slots, and the second in the series after the original Triple 10X Wild slot game. As the second Wild  X game, WGS has taken the special features of this slots game to another level. Ultimate 10X Wild Slot is not just created to be played on a desktop or laptop, but mobile play is also available with this slot game from Wager Gaming Technology.

About Ultimate10X Wild Slots

Ultimate 10X Wild Slots is a 3 reel slot game with a single payline. This game accepts up to 3 coins. If players thought they saw a lot of bonus symbols in the first game of the 10X series,  Triple 10X Wild, they can look forward to at least two bonus symbols in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots. The first of these is the 3X bonus symbol. This special bonus symbol will pay 3 times the amount won when there is one symbol on the reels. However, this amount increases to 9 times the amount won when there are two 3X symbols on the reels. The second bonus symbols is the 10X symbol. This 10X bonus symbol will play 10 times the amount for one of these symbols. However, the payout increases to 100 times the amount for two of these symbols.

The symbols in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots include 3X, 10X, 7s, dollar signs, bells, bars, cherries, and many others. The top win for base gameplay is triggered when the player receives three 10X symbols in the line. This pays 30,000 coins when three coins have been wagered. This win amount reduces to 20,000 coins for a two-coin wager, and 10,000 coins for a single coin wager. Any combination of 3X and 10X occurring on the reels together will reward from 7500 coins to 22,5000 coins for one coin to three coin wagers, respectively.

Ultimate 10X Progressive Jackpot

Keep in mind the Ultimate 10X Wild Slot is also a progressive WGS slot. This means as players make wagers, their wagers are included with other players in the network to increase the pot. Any wager amount or any spin of the reel can trigger the progressive jackpot to payout in Ultimate 10X. This is almost a ‘must win’ progressive in which the jackpot must be won by a player by the time the amount reaches $25,000. All players have an equal chance at winning this top prize.

Special Liberty Slots Bonus Promotion

The launch of the new Ultimate 10X Wild Slot game is big news, and Liberty Slots is celebrating in style. There is a special bonus where all deposits are now doubled to enjoy this WGS slot game. This is now a chance for anyone to now play Ultimate 10X Wild Slots at Liberty Slots Casino, and enjoy double the deposit bonus during this special promotion from now until the end of the month.