Whospunit Slots

Who Spun It? is similar many old crime and mystery television series. There was also a series of books created with the same theme by many famous writers. With the combination of television and books, murder mysteries have become very popular. Who Spun It? Slots is a fun and entertaining casino game taking place inside the Wellington Manor. It was created to be played using download software or instant play. This is a chance to enjoy a detective or mystery theme when you play Who Spun It? Slots.

How To Play Who Spun It? Slots

Who Spun It? Slots was launched and went on to become a popular slots game. The storyline of this slots game follows a crime scene and there are many suspects, but only one guilty person. It is the job of the player to help find the who did the crime and save the day. When Who Spun It? begins, the location is within the Wellington Manor, and the game is designed to show an old Victorian home with the suspects and potential weapons on the reels. Players will love the experience of playing Who Spun It? Slots because it is highly interactive, and filled with great animation and audio sound. It might seem as if you are watching a movie instead of playing a slots game as you pretend to be a detective.

When the game begins, players will see a clock which begins to countdown the second the player clicks to start to spin the reels. This clock will count the time before the Detective Mode in the game will start. During base gameplay, players should spin the reels to collect clue coins, which can then be used to give spin on the reels during Detective Mode gameplay. Players will be able to collect different stars towards the clues. These stars are collected using symbol combinations while playing in Detective Mode. Extra stars are awarded for more winning symbol combinations. It is possible to have a chance to see what clues and evidence you have collected, and review this evidence. However, the timer will continue while you are viewing the clues collected.

Who Spun It? Slots game has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The areas at the bottom show a yellow post it note for Clues Collected and a legal pad for evidence. Players can choose coin wagers from $0.02 up to $0.50 per payline, and this slots accepts up to 5 credits per line. There is also the choice of number of lines to play and the option to play the max bet. The symbols include Miss Ellie, Charles Covington, Miss Eliza, Doctor Van Austren, Mr. Wellington, magnifying glass with fingerprint, wall of clues, the legs of the victim and the open safe. The jackpot for the Who Spun It? Slots is 320,500 credits.

Bonus Features For Who Spun It?

Who Spun It? Slots is unique bonus features because of the interactive design of this game:

  • This slots game is highly interactive and the special bonus game where the reels enter into Detective Mode. During the Detective Mode, the clock will count down and players will only have a short time to collect clues. There are many levels and players must collect five clues to go to the next level and solve the murder. There is also a chance to find the three Evidence clues for the scene of the crime and the weapon used to commit the crime before the Detective Mode finishes.
  • Players should also look forward to free spins while playing Who Spun It? Slots. Anyone of the suspected characters who show up on the reels at the same time will trigger the free spins round. Players will get a chance to make a choice of one of those characters and there are free spins and multipliers attached to the character you have chosen. It is possible to even with extra wilds during the free spin games.
  • This slots game does have a Gamble Feature. The gamble feature is available about a winning spin. Players will have a choice between a double or nothing and if they are correct, they can double their winnings. However, if they make the wrong choice, then all the winnings for that spin can be lost on the Gamble Feature.

Play Who Spun It? Now

This slot game is not one to be missed because it has a chance to win so many free spins, multipliers and have fun in the Detective Mode bonus game. You can pretend to be a detective while trying to collect the clues when you play Who Spun It? Slots.