Hellraiser Slots

With a unique name such as Hellraiser Slots, players would not be surprised to discover this is a unique type of slots game. This online slot is all about trying to not get burned as players attempt to win money. There is a fruit slots theme to this game as the fires burn all around. Instant play is available along with downloading the casino software.

The Slot Developer

Betsoft Gaming is the developer for Hellraiser Slots. This online slot shows how diverse slot games can be in terms of design and theme.

Demo or Fun Play

Some slot players may be able to benefit from trying out the fun play or demo version of Hellraiser Slots. This is a way to try the game before placing a deposit and wager inside the casino. There are fun play credits provided to spin the reels without gaining a loss. However, no real money is won.

About Hellraiser

Behind the game are the burning fires surrounding the reels. Players will see that the dashboard has the buttons to control gameplay. This is a video slot game with 4 reels. Coin amounts to play are up to $1. They can wager 1, 5, 10 or 20, There are 10 paylines. The symbols in the game are fruits such as cherries, lemons, oranges, blueberries, apples, grapes, blackberries, watermelons, bats, and a devil.

The Paytable Info

Casino players will be able to see the paytable information right on the screen below the reels. This is a non-progressive slots game with up to 200 coins to be won. The pays are dependent on the amount wagered on the reels. The Bet 5/10 and 20 can enter the Hellraiser status and win more. The highest paying symbols are the devil, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and a plum with 200 coins. Other symbols such as the orange, lemon, and cherry will payout 100 coins for HellRaiser.

The Hold Feature

Slot players will see on the dashboard there are hold buttons for them. This is part of the Hold Feature built into the game. It allows the chance to hold certain reels and prevent them from spinning for a chance at winning combinations.

The Coin Toss

There is also a Coin Toss or Gamble Feature in this game. It is located to the right of the reels. Players will only have to make a choice of Head or Tails. There is a Choose Bet-Head button for heads and a Take Clubmeter-Tail button for tails. A wrong guess will forfeit your winnings.

Playing Hellraiser Feature

It is also possible to play in Hellraiser Feature for this game which increases the amounts won. However, it also requires larger wagers to be made to play in this feature. However, at least three bat symbols will need to be on the reels for this feature to start. When a wager is made during the Hellraiser Feature players are given devil tokens that will decrease with the presence of devils on the reels. However, wins will increase the amount of devil tokens up to 4 tokens. The amount of tokens are tracked in the meter next to the reels. The Hellraiser Feature will end - and the higher wins - when all of the tokens are used up.

Experience Hellraiser

Players can see that there is more to this hellish game that meets the eye. They can try to activate the Hellraiser Feature when they play Hellraiser Slots at a participating online casino.