Birds! Slots

There has been a variety of new slot games that have left many people wondering if they are actually are slot games or a different type of game such as an arcade game. This means to say that slot games has come along a long way in their design to the point that many people are playing them just for the audio and visual effects. One new slot game which fits this description is Birds! Slots . This is the latest offering from Betsoft games and it is worth for any player looking for something different than the usual classic slots to spin the reels multiple times.

Facts for Birds! Slot Game

What can we say about Birds! slots? This slot game was designed for those who enjoys great visual and audio development in casino software. There are still the usual five reels in the game. However, there is no longer the regular paylines which casino gamers would expect when playing Betsoft online slots . The main symbols and the games are birds of different color and variety, they also have different personalities to match their unique looks. There are seven main bird symbols and they are all sitting on a wire between two street poles. In the background, players will see a typical suburban street theme showcasing a bright sunny day. There are no traditional paylines but players can choose a certain number of Bets Per Line and select between 1 to 5 bets per line. The total points allowed to be wagered is 90 coins. There are at least up to 25 lines. The minimum coin amount wagered is $0.50 and the maximum is $125. Gameplay options include “Max Bet” “Spin” “Auto Play” and “Double Up” as choices when placing wagers. What does the slots game Birds! have in common with other slot games is the wild symbol which is represented by a very multicolored bird with green eyes and a purple body. However, there are no scatter symbols in this slots game. The wild multicolored bird symbol will substitute for all the other birds on the reels.

Bonus Features in Birds! Slots

Here are the great bonus features in this new game for slots lovers:
  • One of the unique features in the Free Flight meter feature. This Free Flight Meter is located on the left bottom corner of this online slot game. The meter measures how many winning flights the birds have from the reels in each round. When there are at least four flights, the meter will trigger free spins. Each free spin will increase with the amount of flight per round. However, the Free Flight Meter feature will empty its contents if it is not filled to the top where the egg nest is located during each round. This bonus feature for free flights can be triggered again during the free spins round.
  • The Free Flight Meter bonus feature is also cascading symbols feature. You can look for at least a maximum of 14 free spins with each combination bird on the reels. When a win is achieved the birds will fly away, and new birds will fly into their place. When there are at least four matching winning reel combinations, players can receive 8 free spins. Five winning reel combinations matches equals 12 free spins. The amount of 6 matching reel combines equal 20 free spins, and 7 matches are the equivalent of 14 free spins plus the number of free spin matches thus far.
  • There is also a Double Up feature in which players can choose to allocate 50% of their previous winnings as a wager on a coin toss. This is a double or nothing coin toss that is a unique feature in Birds! slots. Players will only have to push the “Double Up” button to activate and choose either heads or tails. The Double Up bonus feature will continue until the player clicks the collect button, so players can continue to bet 50% of their credits as long as they like.
It is worth the time and fun to play Birds! Slots game at participating Betsoft casinos. You can enjoy this latest slot game and watch as your Free Flights Meter fills up.