Banana Jones Slots

Banana Jones Slots
Banana Jones is the latest game from Real Time. This is a chance for all players to accompany the hero Banana Jones as he goes deep into the jungle. Some players might see similarities in this game to the series Indiana Jones. Who would have thought the temple treasure is fruit such as grapes, plums and, of course, bananas? Banana Jones is after the Crystal Banana that is found in an ancient temple. Yes, Banana Jones is a monkey, and yes he is pink, but don't hold this against him. You can play Banana Jones using desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

Gameplay For Banana Jones

The gameplay is quite unique. The jungle is all around, and players will find themselves accompanying the main character as he makes his way to the temple. This is a game that has two dice. Players will be able to have Banana Jones move towards the temple using the outcome of the dice. The game board is a map where the hero moves after a roll of the dice. The dice can reveal snake eyes or up to 12 which is two sixes. For each wager in the game, players will have a chance to roll the dice five times. Keep in mind that when he lands on certain positions such as the bottom of the vine he can climb up the vine. This is also true for Banana Jones stepping on the head of the snake, he is then transported to the tail of the snake.

This is not a slots game, but there are symbols such as diamonds, snakes, vines, etc. The diamond symbols are the most valuable, and five of the diamonds will result in a payout. This is also with three vines before the five rolls of the dice are up. The Banana Jones game does keep track of the symbols and they can be viewed in the counter that is found left of the map.

Payouts and Bonus Features

The payout for Banana Jones is with five diamonds. There is a top reward worth 2,565x the amount wagered. This can result in a big win for this game.

There are also bonus features in Banana Jones dice game. The first is the Treasure Wheel Feature. Players will see that the Treasure Wheel Feature is activated when Banana Jones lands on the Treasure Wheel spot inside the Temple. The game will start with players seeing a large Treasure Wheel that they can spin for a prize. A cash prize is awarded instantly.

Another special feature is the Crystal Banana Quest Feature. This is activated when Banana Jones reaches the Crystal Banana and will have a chance to choose a chest. The chest will contain a "treasure" such as a plum, banana, apple or grapes, etc.) This treasure is added to the symbol counter.

Search For Treasure

This is your chance to roll the dice in Banana Jones and enjoy all that this game has to offer. You can play at a participating RTG casino.