King of Slots

One of the latest slot games released is King of Slots. This game was launched by NetEnt and it can be found at all casinos which are in the NetEnt network. Therefore, it is possible to play King of Slots at your favorite casino.

King of Slots

The King of Slots game has five reels and it is a classic slot game. Players will be awarded up to 15 free spins. The game does have scatters and wilds. However, there is a unique feature in this slot game many players have been looking forward to known as sticky wilds.

King of Slots has all of the symbols you can expect to see about a game with a slots theme. There are the usual face card symbols, but also look for fruit symbols such as watermelon, cherries, and orange slices. The game also showcases bejeweled crowns and gemsotones.

Sticky Wilds in King of Slots

The Sticky Wilds are one of the best features of the King of Slots game because it allows players to increase the amount of their winnings especially during the bonus rounds. The wilds will actually come alive when they appear on the reels. This is accompanied by a small animation. The Sticky Wilds will continue to appear as along as the right combination of symbols appear on the reels.