Lilly’s Pad Slots: A Pond of Riches

A beautiful online slot with a soothing animation style and spectacular rewards, Lilly’s Pad slots will take you to a modest atmosphere of a bank of a pond with gorgeous colors and a big bunch of friendly looking symbols-inhabitants and admirers of the water. The game has 5 reels and 18 paylines through which players will be given access to several bonus features and lots of winning combinations.

Symbols of the Pond

The lovely creatures of this small paradise will be your symbols and your loyal companions during your journey to find the biggest rewards possible in the world of Lilly the Frog. There is the turtle, the heron, the lizard and a crocodile that doesn't look scary at all-it actually looks like it can be your best friend. With Lilly’s Pad slots you need to remember that if you have gotten a hold on a symbol with an animal, it means that in all probability you will be generously rewarded. The wild symbol of the game is the dragonfly-a truly special water-loving creature, which is also quite popular and it rightfully takes on the important role of the symbol that is capable of replacing the lot of them. The dragonfly wild also have a very peculiar ability for a slot game. Every time before the spin is initiated a pattern will appear on the screen, which will allow players to see exactly where the wild symbol will show up on the reels. A very important symbol is also the frog, which will allow players to activate a special bonus level where bigger awards become available.

Jewels in the Water

Three frogs will activate the extra round. Upon its initialization, the player will be presented with a screen containing 12 lilies. Each one of them will be containing a hidden award. This process will continue throughout eight round in total. You will understand how much you total earnings from the round are at the very end of it. So it is up to you to decide which round’s rewards you want to take home because you can only take one and of course what you will want to do is to select the biggest one possible. However, the pond’s greatest potential treasure is its two progressive jackpots. Both of them are given to players on a random principle. One of them is a mystery progressive jackpot which is given to anyone who is online and it is 10,000 dollars and the second one is the so-called Super Slots Progressive Jackpot that is being awarded when it reaches 45, 000 dollars. You can only imagine what an experience it would be for an award like that to take you by surprise.

Befriend Lilly the Frog

The frog here doesn't require a kiss; it only requires your concentration, devotion and good luck and in return it will make you rich, the way only a wealthy princess can.