Million Coins Respin Slots

Million Coins Respins Slots shows that a game does not have to be a progressive slots to give a big win. Just like the name states, this is an online game to give bigger wins that will be what you would expect from an online slots during base gameplay. This game was released by iSoftBet and features gameplay available for the desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Classic Theme Slots

There are other slot games with a similar theme. This includes games such as Triple 10x Wild Slots, Triple Wild Cherry Slots, and Ultimate 10x Wild Slots. Ultimate 10X Wild Slots was released as part of the Wild X Series. This game was created by Wager Gaming Technology and has plenty of bonus features. Players will see they have three reels and a single payline in this online slot. The game will allow wagers from as low as one cent and up to $5 to be accepted. There are only three coins to wager so the maximum is $15 that you can play per spin. There is also plenty of classic slot symbols to be found with bells, single Bar, double Bar, triple Bar, 3X Wild, 10X Wild, dollar sign, cherries, and more. The 3X and 10X symbols are the wilds and act as multipliers. Players may also see the potential for a big win inside this game with up to 30,000 coins for a maximum wager. This goes down to 20,000 coins for two credits and 10,000 coin win for a single credit wager when you play Ultimate 10X Wild.

Gameplay For Million Coins Respins

Slot players will see that there are classic symbols to be found in this video slot. The game does load to show a pile of gold coins behind the reels. There could be a million of them. The design is colorful and the dashboard is below for you to customize gameplay. The reels and gameplay can be changed by looking at the Total Bet area. There is also the Information section of the online slots machine. The game will give you the paytable here. Those who want to spin the reels once at a time can use the spin button or they can decide to use the Auto Spin. This can be as much as 1000 spins in some games. The Winning tabs and Bet are there to seen, and Credit and Win is also available.

Slot Game Facts

The game has the usual 5 reels to be found in a video slot. There are also 3 rows of symbols. You will be able to place your wagers on 20 paylines. Million Coins Respins Slots will accept from 0.01 to 1 with the maximum being $1000 for all the lines active. The classic slot theme has the symbols such as sing, double, and triple BARs. There is also the red seven a red seven covered in flames, FORTUNE, cherries, and Wild. The game also has the 0, 00, and 10 symbols which are bonus symbols. The WILD game logo is the special substitute symbol.

Bonus Features

The Ultra Wins Feature is not to be missed. It is activated with the special symbols the 0, 00, and the 100. You will see that various combinations of them will be used to give higher wins depending on which payline they land on. For example, the combination of 10-0-0-0-00 on the first payline will give the 1 Million Coin jackpot. This is a fixed jackpot and thought to be one of the largest for a non-progressive slots game. Keep in mind that this combination will give 100,000 coins on the other lines. The prizes range from 10 coins to 10,000 coins depending on the 0, 00, 10 symbol combinations.

The Wilds are another feature to see. This is the WILD game logo is the substitute symbol which will be used a replacement for other symbols. It is possible for five wilds to give a huge prize of 5,000 coins. These symbols will not substitute for the other special symbols in the game.

Slot Pays

The payouts for this game is which sets it apart from the other five reel video slot. This online does reward for the same kind and does so from left to right in this iSoftBet slots. The 0, 00, and 10 symbols will help to give big wins in the game. You can receive a high win called an Ultra Win in Million Coins Respins Slots.

The other payouts include up to 750 coins for the double BAR and 500 coins for the single BAR. The triple BAR will reward with just 100 coins. The sevens with or without flames will give 150 coins, and five of the cherries will produce a 150 coin payout. The other symbols such as the FORTUNE symbol will give a payout of 2,000 coins. Players will see that the red sevens with the flames can give up to 1,000 coins. The plain red sevens will reward with 300 coins. The game will reward any combination of 7 symbols with up to 30 coins. A combination of the BARs is worth up to 20 coins. This is a non-progressive slot game.

Explore Million Coins Respins

Players can now say they know more about this fortune theme slots. You can explore Million Coins Respins Slots at a selected online casino.