Play the Fun New Cloud Tales Slots

Slots players have become accustomed to the many different themed slot games available, especially those from casino software company iSoftBet. iSoftBet has just launched its latest game entitled Cloud Tales slots.

Cloud Tales Slots

What can be said about Cloud Tales slots game? Slot game lovers will realize there is no other game like this in the world. It does have rich graphics, and beautiful colors have been used in designing Cloud Tales Slots. Some casino players will enjoy the fun and crazy characters and gameplay inside this hilarious slots game. There is also a psychedelic aspect to this slot with a sense of whimsical design. Whatever creature someone can imagine can be found in Cloud Tales. There is no set theme for Cloud Tales other than the use of the imagination and make believe. Scenes within this slots game include colorful floating cloud islands, playing cards, flying dragons, mystery eggs, rainbow colored caterpillars, and lots of bubbles.

Game Play

Cloud Tales does have nine paylines and five reels. Players will enjoy the 5x3 design of the game. Symbols in the game will trigger two bonus features. The first bonus feature is the Mystery Eggs bonus game. The Mystery Egg bonus game occurs when the Mystery Egg symbol appears on the reels and causes other symbols in the game to become wild. The Mystery Egg bonus can also result in additional wilds and a multiplier.

The second bonus feature is the Mushroom Island Bonus. The Mushroom Island Bonus is triggered when the Mushroom Island symbol, which is also the wild symbol, is seen on the reels. The Mushroom Island symbol will increase the wilds in Cloud Tales Slots and also generate more wilds using the bubbles. So by knowing more about this game, players can look forward to playing Cloud Tales slots at an online casino dedicated to iSoftBet games.