Robin in the Woods Slots

Robin Hood is a popular fairy tale theme which describes a man who would try to thwart the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood was always depicted with his group of Merry Men in the forest, and they would set up traps to rob the rich, and then use this money to give it to the poor. Thrown into this story was Maid Marion who falls in love with Robin. This is a favorite story loved by many. Arrow’s Edge has created a dynamic game to capture the fun of the Robin Hood folktale inside of the game Robin in the Woods Slots. He is indeed robbing in the woods. However, players can help receive their share of gems and gold by spinning the reels, and activating the bonus features. Some of the bonus features in the Locked Vault Feature. There is also the Target Feature which shows a Target to hit. Players can also get a chance at the Bullseye Feature when you play Robin in the Woods Slots. This game can easily be played using instant play and a mobile device such as tablet or smartphone. Similar games include Robin Hood, Robin Hood Princes of Tweets, Robin Hood Slot, The Legend of Robin and Marian, and Lady Robin Hood. This is a popular slots theme!

Robin in the Woods Gameplay

Slot players may enjoy three rows with five reels. This is the usual 5x3 grid. On either side behind the reels is a forest scene in medieval times. It is the perfect setting for Robin to help defend the poor. Below the reels are the buttons for gameplay which include the Information (?) menu button to read more about payouts and special features. There is also Total Bet to adjust how much to wager. Players can decide they would like to Max Bet and wager the highest amount. It is also possible to see how much you have won, and to view your current balance. The spin button is located in the lower center of the dashboard below the reels. There are 40 paylines to wager on, and players will wager on all the lines. The smallest wager for the total lines is $0.80 and the max wager is $240. Symbols in the game include the Young Lady with the words Free Spins, a WiLD symbol, the lock, and arrows. Other symbols include Robin, the Sheriff, the chest of gems, a bag of gold, wooden targets shaped as a heart, diamond, clubs, and spade. There is the expanded gold Wild, and the expanded white Wild with flowers. The Wilds are able to exchange for other symbols, but not the locked vault, bag of arrows, or Young Lady symbols.

A Locked Vault Feature

The Locked Vault Feature is not one to be missed. This symbol is activated by the appearance of the locked vault symbol and two arrow symbols on the reels. The locked vault will only show up on the middle reel or third reel. The presence of this symbol will cause the reel to spin in the opposite direction, and an arrow will open the lock. Once the chains drop off, players will be able to see the vault open to reveal a prize.

The Bullseye

The Bullseye Feature is another special feature to look forward to. This feature is activated by the appearance of arrows on the first and last reels. However, this is without the presence of the locked vault. The reels will spin backwards, and three arrows will be shot at the symbols on the reels. Any symbols these arrows land on will be converted to wilds. When this happens, three re-spins are awarded.

Love and Arrows Free Spins

The beautiful young lady symbol with Free Spins will activate the Love and Arrows Free Spins Feature. When there are three of these symbols on the reels, casino players will see the feature begin with two big pink hearts. They will have to choose between Sticky Wilds or Extended Wilds during the Free Spin Games. During the Extended Wilds round, there are 10 free spins awarded. The arrow symbols will appear during the free spins round, and it will shoot up to 3 arrows at the reels. The reel will turn into an extended wild. If two arrows land on the same reel, then this will form a double extended wild. If the Sticky Wilds round is chosen, up to four arrows can be shot at the reels to turn the symbols into sticky wilds.

The Target Feature

Casino players can look forward to a special feature that also occurs during the Free Spins Round. This is the Target Feature, and it is activated by the sudden appearance of a gold arrow. A wooden target will appear on the screen, and an arrow will be shot at the target. Depending on where the arrows land, players may receive either a mini, minor or major cash prize.

Slot Payouts

The payouts are worth mentioning of course. Robin is the top paying symbol and five of a kind of him will reward 750. The next top paying symbol is the Sheriff who rewards with 500. The treasure chest and the bag of gold will award from 150 to 250. The wooden symbols in the shapes of a card suite payout at 60 for five of a kind. The smallest pay is 5 for three of kind of the suit symbols. Robin in the Woods Slots is also a progressive slots. Players can spin the reels for a chance to win either the smaller Cash Grab Jackpot or the larger Mystery Jackpot.

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