Space Traders Slots

Space Traders is a popular online slots game from Revolver Gaming. This is fun gameplay for those players wanting something a little different than the norm. This is a Pocket 3D slots game, and from the name, it can be discovered that this is a cosmic or space theme slots game. This slots is available using mobile devices, laptops, and desktops when you try Space Traders Slots.

Slots Gameplay

There is a lot that can be said about Space Traders Slots. When this 3D slots loads up, players will see the vast universe behind the reels with gameplay in outer space. In the background is Planet Earth. The symbols on the transparent reels appear to be floating in space.

Below the reels is the game's dashboard or control center. There is the paytable button, a chance to Bet and the Spin button. When looking at this online slots machine, Sam the robot can be found to the right of the reels.

This is a space theme game that showcases Queen Bea along with Sam who is a robot and Handy Max who is her lovable sidekick. The storyline inside this online slots involves Queen Bea searching the galaxy to make trades in space junk. She is looking to make exchanges that will be profitable, and just think of her business as an outer space junkyard.

There are three reels and three rows so this is a 3x3 grid slots game. There are no paylines in this slots game. The coin wagers begin at $0.01. Players will see symbols such as the Space Traders game logo, Sam, Queen Bea, Handy Max, Asteroid, treasure, space junk, and more.

Sam’s Lucky Play Feature

Players will only have to look at Sam the robot to see what the Lucky Symbol is. The Lucky Symbol will appear in his hands. When the reels spin, three or more of these Lucky Symbols will cause them to become locked in place. The rest of the symbols on the reels will spin, and if more of the Lucky Symbols are revealed, they will also become locked in place. The Lucky Play will continue until no more Lucky Symbols appear on the reels. Keep in mind that this symbol is randomly chosen in Space Traders Slots. Players will be paid for each of the Lucky Symbols appearing on the reels, and a 2x multiplier is added when a Massive Win is hit.

Trade Space Junk Bonus Feature

The Space Junk Bonus is well worth playing. It is activated by the space junk symbol. Players will see the screen change and enter a room on the spaceship with Queen Bea and Handy Max. They will show five kinds of space junk or treasure on the table, and you will be able to choose three pieces of items on the table for three different rounds. Each space junk chosen will have a prize amount from 5 credits up to 800 credits. You can choose to accept or reject each amount until the third round. You will automatically receive the prize amount for prizes chosen in the third round even if it is less than the previous rounds, so choose your space junk wisely.

Collect Your Treasure

This is an opportunity for you to find the treasure among the space junk. You can collect your treasure when you try Space Traders Slots at a Revolver Gaming casino online.