Orient Express Slots

Orient Express is a perfect slot either for beginners to the 5 reel genre, or for players transitioning from 3 reel to 5 reel slots. This is because, while it presents an exciting theme, it isn't overloaded with extra features that might confuse beginners.

If you enjoyed games like Mah Jong Madness Slots, you'll likely get a kick out of this one, because it has a very similar feel: a strong Asian flavor throughout, a high number of pay lines for good combo-catching, and a $25,000 top jackpot.

Catch a trip on the Orient Express today at Lincoln Casino - you can test drive the game right there on their website, or download it to your computer for free.

All Aboard the Orient Express

The Orient Express is a perfect game for online casino newbies and people trying out video slots for the first time. It's a minimalist game, stripped down to the basics, which makes it incredibly easy to play.

The interface presents five reels, each covered with a selection of symbols representing items from Asian culture. The aim of a round of Orient express is to spin the reels and see if you can get the various symbols to line up with each other

Each symbol is worth a different amount of money, and you'll be paid out according to what combination of symbols lands on the line. For a full listing of what symbols the game uses, and what they're worth, click the Paytable button.

If you want to widen your combo catching net, the game allows you to activate up to 21 pay lines in total. You'll need to add a coin for each line you activate, but playing this way greatly increases your chances of catching a winning combination.

Images from Across Asia

it's clear that a lot of work went into the graphic design of this game. There are just seven different symbols, but all highly detailed.

On the lower end of the pay table is a sampan, worth 15 coins. Next, looking slightly out of place with the classiness of the rest of the imagery is an anime style ninja woman with a pair of sais - she's worth 25. The bag of dollars is next, followed by a tiger, and a bonsai tree covered in money.

The two top paying symbols are the golden goal, worth 1000 coins, and the red Dragon, worth 2500 coin - potentially $25,000 depending on your initial wager.

The Riches of the East

Orient express doesn't have a specific bonus round or free spins feature the way some games in this genre do. Given this, the strategy for getting the most out of it is to play it on maximum coin. The top jackpot win is worth $25 on minimum bet, or $25,000 on maximum. How you choose to play this game is, of course, up to you.