Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes Slots

Slot players, as a group, look for variety in their play. Sometimes they seek games with rich animations, spectacular side-games and dozens of paylines with seemingly endless paying combinations. But other times they are looking for something a bit more straightforward-something reminiscent of a simpler time in slot game play. This is exactly what RealTime Gaming's (RTG) fun new Sevens and Stripes Slots provides.

Kickin' it Old School

Sevens and Stripes is a classic three-reel slot game with a single payline that, despite its elegant simplicity, it still provides plenty of excitement to today's slot players with their high expectations. RTG's rock solid structure means that this game is not only super reliable but that its controls are going to be familiar to experienced gamers and easy to figure out for newcomers as well.

The Look

When Sevens and Stripes loads on your monitor you may think that you have just walked into a Vegas casino of the 1970s. There is no adventure game or comedy theme-nothing here but good old-fashioned slots. The symbols here, as might be expected, are all based on 7s and Bars. When you want to check the paytable there is no need to go to a second screen because it is permanently fixed top front and center, just like on the old three-reel games that you still find in places like Reno and Virginia City.

The Feel

Everything about Sevens and Stripes works perfectly, as players have come to expect from games by RTG. The operation is so smooth that you might think that you are watching a video of a slot machine instead of playing an online slot game. The controls, as on all RTG games, are across the bottom of the reels and are entirely self-explanatory.

Players set their coin values from a humble 5¢ up to $15. This range allows for a maximum bet of $45 per spin which, while not exactly a high-roller type of game, is rich enough for most players. Moreover, with a minimum bet of 5¢, this game is affordable for every player.

Spin the Sevens and Stripes Now!

This is a terrific retro-style slot game. Fans of high-tech video slots may miss the bonus features and side-games, but old-style slot aficionados will be right at home on this one. Moreover, even the fans of high-tech games will enjoy the clean and easy play of this beautiful and traditional slot game.

Log on to your favorite RTG casino today, and get the reels spinning on Sevens and Stripes Slots! It may become your new addiction.