TitanPoker Vows to Help Haiti

After the world learned of the catastrophic Haiti earthquake, where thousands of people have already perished and many more are left without homes, food or medical care, Titan Poker decided to take action. Instead of standing my idly, TItanPoker.com (the leading Europe poker room) decided to show its support and express its condolences by vowing to raise funds to donate to the Haiti relief efforts. Thus far, after the city of Port-au-Prince was hit by the magnitude-seven earthquake, it's reported at least 150,000 people have lost their lives as a result.

Already TitanPoker.com has organized special poker tournaments where buy-in funds were matched by the TitanPoker.com online poker room and donated to the Red Cross, for the Haiti relief fund. During the first tournament for Haiti relief funding, the first 10 qualifying players won cash prizes. Afterward, TitanPoker.com not only donated the buy-in funds (matched 100% by the online casino) but also decided to donate the equivalent of all cash prizes given away for that tournament.

In addition, Titan Poker set up "no play" tournaments where online poker players can buy-in directly and their funds are directly sent to the Red Cross relief effort fund. These are for those who really don't want to play in tournaments online and simply want to do their part to help Haiti. These "Aid for Haiti" holding tank tournaments have buy in amounts from $1 to $500 and don't require actual play. Instead, they are virtual poker tournaments and are simply a way for players to donate to the International Red Cross Haiti fund.

By showing their outpour of compassion and willingness to help during a world crisis or disaster, TitanPoker.com is continuing to show the reason they are one of the premier poker rooms on the Web.

About TitanPoker.com

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