$125 Bonus Available Sundays at Royal Ace Casino

Anyone who is looking for some fun will enjoy the bonus situation at Royal Ace Casino . One of the great promotions that this casino is offering lucky players is the chance at a $125 bonus chip. This is known as the Sweet Sunday Bonus.

Sweet Sunday Bonus

The Sweet Sunday Bonus promotion is the way for the Royal Ace Casino to give something back to the player community. The players will be able to deposit money during the week and by doing so they will receive a bonus to start off the week. The bonus the player receives is dependent on how much the player deposits into the casino account.

Bonus Details

The bonus details of this Sweet Sunday Promotion. If players deposit between $1 to $100 into the account, they can receive $15 bonus on Sunday. If a player deposits at least $101 to $250 dollars, then there is a $25 bonus. There is also a third level bonus of $50 when players deposit between $251 to $500. The maximum bonus that is available is $125 when there is a deposit of $501 to $1000.

Players must make a deposit on Sunday in order to qualify for this bonus promotion. It is just a matter of calling customer service to claim the bonus.