Triple Triple Gold Slots

If you've ever played a game called Triple Gold, then you have to try this, because it's the next logical step. The two games are very similar: same layout, same classic look, same massive jackpot prize. But there are some not so subtle differences between the two games as well: specifically, the size of the multipliers. The main draw of Triple Triple Gold is the fact that the prizes you get to stay in the potential of being multiplied by 81. Just to put that into context for you, it means that a middle order Bar win of 120 coins could suddenly become worth almost $100,000. Take on Triple Triple Gold by visiting Liberty Slots Casino today. You can play all of their games – including this one – in their online Flash casino, or download the software to your computer free of charge.

How to Triple a Triple

Triple Triple Gold has much bigger winning potential than its predecessor, but it remains just as easy to play. If you've mastered the standard Triple Gold game, you should have no difficulty playing Triple Triple Gold. Assuming you haven't played the original, here's a quick explanation of what to expect. Start by deciding what value your coins will have: you can set it anywhere between 10c and $10. Next, decide how many coins you're going to bet on each spin. Finally, click the Spin Reels button, and see if Lady Luck favors you.

Same Look, Bigger Wins

Just like the original Triple Gold, this game uses the time-honoured standard graphics for a one armed bandit. If you play the original, you'll recognise it instantly. The symbols in use start with a Cherry Scatter, followed by the classic single, double and triple Bars. Bear in mind that while combinations of matching Bar types pay the most, you will still be paid out for bar lines that don't match up. Next in line is the Red Seven, and the Triple Triple Gold logo will trigger the game's top jackpot prize of $150,000.

Cashing in Triple and Triple Again

Triple Triple Gold doesn't have a specific bonus round at some games do. However, it has completely ridiculous Wild symbol (the Triple Triple Gold logo) that applies an insane multiplier to whatever winning combination it finds itself part of. A single Wild symbol in a pay line results in a 9x multiplier. But it's when you get to the pay line that things get really crazy. A double wild pay line results in a multiplier of 81 being applied to the winning amount. If this happened on a red seven, for instance, it would boost the payout from $1,800 to $145,800!