Vegas Party Slots

Vegas Party is a video slot game that embodies a wild, hedonistic rampage through the casinos of Vegas. You've heard the expression, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? This game is about one of those nights. Apart from a cheeky graphical theme that would be equally at home as the backdrop to a James Bond game, Vegas Party has all of the features you'd expect it to: Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, a bonus round, and a decently sized jackpot clocking in at $45,000. Hit the party scene by playing The Vegas Party at Liberty Slots Casino right now. You can download the software to your computer free of charge, or play it live in a web browser.

Recipe For a Great Party

Playing The Vegas Party is almost as much fun as going on a real Vegas bender – but it's a lot simpler, and there's no risk of a terrible hangover afterwards. There are a few differences between The Vegas Party and traditional 3 reel slots. First, you can only bet one coin on the pay line, not three. But in this game, there's more than one pay line! You can bet above the center line, below it, and across it in a number of different directions and shapes: there are 25 lines in all. Adding more lines means a bigger bet on each spin, but it also makes it far more likely that you'll catch a winning combination.

Fantastic Party Outfits

The basic image set of this game starts with a set of high cards which, given the theme of the game, are actually appropriate. These are low order wins, however. The glass of Martini symbol and the Dice are up next, and after them it gets interesting, because they're followed by a symbol that looks like a blonde version of Liz Hurley. She's worth three coins, incidentally, and she's followed by a dapper chap in a tuxedo who clocks in at 1000 coins. However, you want to be on the lookout for the Vegas Party logo. It's a Wild symbol, and can substitute for almost any other symbol, but in its own right is worth 9000 coins if you get a line of it ($45,000 on max bet).

Parties are Better When They're Free

The Vegas Party has a bonus feature which triggers when three or more of the Car symbol appear anywhere on the reels. When this happens, you are awarded up to 15 free spins. This feature is fantastic because it costs you nothing, and you can just sit back and watch the money roll in.