20,000 Leagues Slots

This intriguing video slot game takes a leaf out of the original Jules Verne story, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – but not exactly. While it's clear that this is where the inspiration for the game comes from, the designers have done their own thing – and delivered a slot game that's engrossing and exciting. The underwater adventure that the game designers at Vegas Technologies have crafted here is packed with unique animations for symbol hits and suitable submarine sound effects throughout. You'll join the intrepid Captain as he ventures onto the ocean floor in search of treasure from sunken shipwrecks – but watch out for those sharks! Download the Liberty Slots Casino software today and try 20,000 Leagues yourself – it's one of the best online venues you can find today.

Piloting the Submarine

You'll be able to get the hang of 20,000 Leagues in just a short amount of playing time. The only major difference between this game and a traditional real world slot machine is that the “coins” that the machine uses don't have a set value – you can bet between 5c and $5 on each one. Therefore, the higher you're prepared to bet, the greater the value of the potential winnings. This is a multi-reel slot, and it allows you to play more than just the center line. Activate up to 9 pay lines – every extra line represents an additional chance to win something on each spin. After choosing your coin size and the number of lines you're playing, just hit the Spin button and see if your luck is in!

See Strange Things Underwater

The symbols used in this game are padded with playing cards – 9 through Ace are represented here, and they're the lower end of the winning paytable. Don't snub the cards, but keep your eyes peeled for better symbols such as your submarine, the deep sea diver, the chest bursting with treasure, the nasty shark, and the old salty sea dog of a Captain. Actually, the Captain is the one you want most, because five of him triggers the game's top jackpot of 5,000 coins – a potential cash value of up to $25,000 depending on what your coin bet is.

Aquatic Bonuses

The submarine symbol is obviously important – it's how you get around underwater – but it's significant for another reason as well. If a submarine shows up anywhere on the reels at the same time as the game's “20,000 Leagues” logo, you instantly win 10 free spins of the reels. Best of all – anything you win during the free spins round will automatically be doubled!