Bonkers Slots

In this era of fantastic high-tech slot games, and the ability of designers to make thoroughly immersive experiences available to players of these games at home, the development of the games seems to be going two directions. On the one hand, there are loads of super-high-tech games with tons of bells and whistles and flash. But on the other hand, there are a lot of truly outstanding traditional three-reel single payline games coming out too. These games take full advantage of the amazing graphic potential of today's computers, but the game play is rooted entirely in tradition. These are the games that many hardcore slot players grew up with, and they are the games that they gravitate too. Bonkers is a superb example of this traditional style of slot game.

What You See

When you pull Bonkers up on your screen you will be faced with a game that looks like it is sitting in a Las Vegas Strip casino, circa 1971. There is no special theme here, just a great looking three-reeled game with a lever at the side. The color scheme is bright, and the symbols are really traditionally styled, mostly 7s and bars with some Bonkers logos thrown in for some added excitement.

So What Makes it Bonkers?

This game throws players a curve in that the reels shift their direction of spin. This is a small thing, but when your mind is focused as it is when playing a great slot game, suddenly having a reel or two shift direction really does throw you off a bit, but in a fun way!

Free Spins

Additionally, unlike many traditionally styled slot games, Bonkers offers a free-spin feature. If players get two of the Bonkers logos lined up on the payline, they get three free spins. If they get three logos, they get ten free spins. Unfortunately it is impossible to re-trigger free spins during the free-spin sessions, logos or not.

Hitting it Big

Depending on where you play Bonkers Slots you will find two different versions of the game-one is a straight-up slot game with a fixed jackpot, and the other is a progressive game with an ever growing pot. In order to qualify for the progressive pot, three coins must be played, but you can set your coin value to anything from a nickel on the low end all the way up to $5 at the top, so the range of bets is fairly wide.

You Will Like Bonkers Slots

This is a solid, very traditional style of slot game. It looks fantastic, as everything from Real Time Gaming does, and it functions without a hitch. We love the free spins, but we wish that they would allow them to be re-triggered while a free-spin session is running. Nonetheless, this is a fun game that will keep players enthused for their breaks from more complex video slots.